May 2015 Update

Dear Praying Friend,

Thank you for caring for our work through prayer...even if you just pray now as you read this email.


I especially covet your prayers for one of the most difficult writing projects I've ever done. It is on the gospel, how we need to not only believe the gospel but have our lives mirror the shape of the gospel. Our new working title is A Jesus-Shaped Life (we've been calling it Believing and Becoming the Gospel). I wrote Love Walked Among Us into a desert (not many in the church are seriously interested in the person of Jesus). I wrote A Praying Life into a badly farmed, but fertile field (a lot of bad teaching on prayer but people were eager to learn). I write A Jesus-Shaped Life into a minefield. That is, Christians have very strong feelings about what the gospel is and isn't. My hope is that this book will be used of God to prepare the church to enter into the pattern of Jesus' life in a much deeper way. As I write, Satan has been active. So I covet your prayers.


Jon and his wife Sonia Hori (our new West Coast/East Asia Director) are off to Nepal this month to do an A Praying Life Conference for over 100 missionaries who are in the thick of it in the aftermath of the earthquake. Lydia Leggett (our Seminar Coordinator), is off to Croatia to do a Person of Jesus mini-seminar. I'm off to Switzerland to teach a seminar on A Jesus-Shaped Life.


I've asked you to pray for our finances. Giving to date to our Annual Fund is $272,000. We have eight weeks to go and we are $89,000 short of our need of $361,000. 


May the Lord bless you richly!

Paul Miller

October 2013 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

I met with a group of pastors last week to help them with their prayer life. I began by playing a sermon from a pastor that said "God isn't a vending machine. We should focus on God and not ourselves in our prayers." I said, "Yes, that's true, but why does Jesus emphasize asking so much? Why create and attack a straw-man (God-as-vending-machine), when so many of us are functionally prayer-less?" To help them see that, I asked them about two areas of their lives where I was reasonably confident they were prayer-less: How did they pray about their sexual lust? How did they pray for the strong men in their lives who made their life difficult? Bingo. They were prayer-less. So we left the esoteric world of "what is ideal prayer?" to the real world of "I need Jesus."

Some international news: Bob Allums is recently back from 10 days in England doing two A Praying Life Seminars. He is headed off next week to the Philippines for another 12 days to do multiple prayer seminars. Our International Coordinator is in Chile now for two weeks doing three Person of Jesus Seminars.

We have some significant suffering among our staff:

• Jane French, our bookkeeper, is so wiped from a new onslaught of chronic fatigue/Lyme disease, that she is unable to walk unaided or do almost anything. Chris, her husband and our part-time IT person, is caring for her full time now. Shirley is covering her work for the time being.

• Kelly Bergman, our web and video person, just after the birth of her second baby, discovered that she has a fractured spine. She is in a lot of pain.

• Jill Miller, my wife, is getting a biopsy for possible breast cancer.

I'm knee deep in writing the "Mind of Jesus: The Parables of Luke". I've also begun to do some early work on the "Gospel and Community." The Reformation is strong on psychology, (how the gospel affects the individual,) but weak on sociology, (how the gospel shapes or creates a Jesus-community.)

Thank you for praying for us!


Paul Miller

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March 2013 Update

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Dear Praying Friends,

Last Thursday, I did a Person of Jesus Seminar at a maximum security prison in northwestern Pennsylvania. I spent the day with 27 guys. One convicted sinner helping 27 convicted sinners see Jesus. They loved seeing Jesus, and they loved our interactive, questioning method. I introduced myself to the Islamic chaplain, an Egyptian. I asked him if he'd memorized the Koran. His answer: "Yes, when I was twelve." I told him that when my son was twelve he had mastered the video game Medal of Honor! I told him that the only word my wife Jill knew in Arabic she'd learned from our son who'd spent a summer in Egypt: mish mumkin (not possible). When you say mish mumkin, you shake your head no. I offered him a copy of Love Walked Among Us which he agreed to read.

I really love Arabs, like this imam. I want to be with them, to understand their world. I know it is a naive, untested love, but I used to tell our missionaries at my old mission, World Harvest, "Don't despise naive love. Let God use that to draw you into the deeper, tested love that comes with suffering and endurance." Every time a young couple falls in love and gets married, that's what happens.

We three Person of Jesus training teams going overseas in the next six weeks. Steve Byrd just arrived in Mundri, South Sudan. In mid-March Jonathan Winfree will be going to Mbale, Uganda, and then in April our International Coordinator is going to Peru

A need that has been gnawing at me for about seven years is that we don't have a person to lead our Person of Jesus ministry. Our Person of Jesus work has been going well overseas, but our US side of the work has been languishing. Would you pray for that person? 

My greatest need is to see and reflect Jesus. In other words, pray for our faith and our love. I sent off the manuscript for "A Loving Life," the book based on Ruth to Crossway last week. Lord willing, it will come out in January, 2014. I'm planning on starting a new inductive study on the Parables of Luke. I'm also working on Surviving and Thriving in a Collapsing World, a new seminar that tries to make sense of our times from a Biblical perspective.

Who knows what God might do?


Paul Miller

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December Update

Dear Praying Friends,

This has been a wonderful fall for seeJesus overseas. Here's a quick summary:

  • New Delhi, India (Sept): Drew Bennett and Jonathan Winfree led Person of Jesus and A Praying Life Seminars
  • Moldova, near Russia (Nov): seeJesus International Coordinator led A Person of Jesus Seminar
  • Uganda, (Nov): Jonathan did a follow up of a Person of Jesus Seminar
  • Haiti (Nov): Jeff Owen did an informal Person of Jesus Seminar
  • Montreal, Canada (Nov): Bob Allums led an A Praying Life Seminar with 700 French Canadians. A publisher worked hard to get the new French translation of the book ready in time for the event, and the book table was very, very busy!

I'm finishing up a book on love based on our Ruth study. I covet your prayers for my next month of editing. Then I turn my attention to two new seminars: Money and the Heart and Gospel Liberation. I might also work on a new seminar, Surviving and Thriving in a Collapsing World. I did a little snippet of it out in Chicago last weekend at Bob Allum's encouragement. It tries to make sense of our collapsing world. Since '91 my desire has been to prepare the church, the bride, for suffering.

A Praying Life is on sale for Kindle for $1.99 through Dec 22. We're selling A Praying Life for $6.99 for 5+ copies through Dec 31 at our web store.

My daughter Ashley just finished her 12th and last chemo. We have really seen her faith shine, as you can see in her most recent blog entry.

Merry Christmas from all of us at seeJesus!


Paul Miller

October Update

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Dear Praying Friend,

Our team of seeJesus Trainers, Drew Bennett and Jonathan Winfree, had a wonderful time in India doing a Person of Jesus Seminar with 40 leaders at a local Bible Institute. This training center is a perfect partner for our work. They are focused in North India on the Hindi population (600 million speakers!) They want to do a Hindi translation of the Person of Jesus manual.

We've slowed down all our translation work to get a master translation manual that simplifies the language and minimizes the number of American illustrations. Jonathan Winfree is heading that team up. Thank you for praying for Jonathan!

The new Money and the Heart Seminar went well in Lakeland, FL. I built the core of it around Jesus' teachings on money, which are primarily focused on being a lover with our money. It was a real experience of seeing Jesus. Trinity Presbyterian taped the seminar. Click here to hear it online.

I'm also working on a new gospel seminar. I'm not sure what to call it yet, but it brings together classic Reformed insights on the gospel with new reflections (contained in the Love Course) on how the process of loving joins us with Christ in his suffering.

We've begun work on a new website,, to encourage the prayer movement that has been spawned by God's blessing of our A Praying Life Ministry under Bob Allum's leadership. Our communications team of Liz Voboril and Kelly Bergman are beginning to work with Bob on this new site. We want to feed the excitement that many people have after attending a seminar or reading A Praying Life.

I'd covet your prayers for my speaking this weekend, beginning Thursday night at the Christian Legal Society's National Conference. I want to unashamedly point these 400 lawyers to the simplicity of being like a little child.

My daughter Ashley just finished her 8th round of chemo. Thank you for praying for her.



Paul Miller

September Update

Paul sends out a monthly seeJesus prayer update to folks that have subscribed to our email list. We sent this out last week and have already seen some answers to prayer! If you are interested in subscribing, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks!


Dear seeJesus Praying Friends,

Two of our seeJesus Trainers, Jonathan Winfree and Drew Bennett, are leaving for India next week to train students in our Person of Jesus and A Praying Life material. The London Team of World Harvest had seen our materials being used with South Asians in London and was eager to open doors for us in India. We know from previous seminars that the inductive style combined with the focus on Jesus won the hearts of Indians. India has had a fascination with Jesus ever since Ghandi challenged Christians to be more like Jesus!

I spent the last two weeks creating a new seminar: Money and the Heart. I originally started working on it in 1990 but when I took a sabbatical in the spring of '91, I was so blown away by my study of Jesus that I forgot about money for 22 years!

Now I'm back to editing the Ruth book after working on the new seminar. I covet your prayers. Editing is a painful process, mainly because you get so attached to your words that you hate killing them!

The Love Course is now out. The lectures can be downloaded for free. Written after that sabbatical in 1991, this is my first and still most in-depth study of a theology of love.


  • Steve Byrd had a wonderful time in in South Sudan introducing the church to our material. He can't wait to go back.
  • My daughter, Ashley, finished her 6th round of chemo.
  • We're having our first-ever staff retreat this weekend in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. I'd covet your prayers for our time together.



Paul E. Miller

July Update

Dear Praying Friends,

We made budget! In March I told our staff that we were headed for pay cuts July 1. Humanly speaking, I really didn't see any way out. But between donations to the Annual Fund and the Ruth project the Lord provided $352,000! Book sales, royalty income, and speaking fees were all higher than anticipated. So thank you for praying and giving! (I still can't quite believe it!)

Steve Byrd, our Director of Partner Relations, is off to Southern Sudan with a team from his church to work with a World Harvest team. Steve is introducing the national believers to the Person of Jesus study. This is our sixth recent informal partnership with World Harvest. Last year, Jonathan Winfree, our African Coordinator, led training with World Harvest's Ugandan team. Last fall, we did three trainings in Ireland and England that were either sponsored or initiated by World Harvest teams. In September, Jonathan and Drew Bennett are doing several trainings in India through a partnership with World Harvest's London Team and the Delhi Bible Institute. Almost all our overseas work is driven by partnerships like this. Increasingly we find ourselves partnering directly with national churches.

By God's grace, I've finished my initial rough draft of the Ruth book. I still have more work to do before I hand it over to the editor. I covet your prayers for wisdom, humility, and love as I write.

The Love Course comes out August 1st. We've broken the 32 lessons into five mini-courses each with its own study guide. The audio lectures will be available as free downloads on our website. The Love Course is my most in-depth look at Jesus and a theology of love. It addresses some missing themes of the Reformation, namely that we don't just believe the gospel, but we enter into the sufferings of Christ.

Thank you for praying for our daughter Ashley and her battle with colon cancer. Her first round of chemo last week was rough, but the doctors say that she has a 90% chance of being cancer free. Justin Wilson, our Partner Relations Representative in Florida, is doing better after colon surgery followed by an almost 3-week hospital stay.

Thank you for praying for our work of lifting Jesus up! Who knows what God might do?


Paul Miller



June Update

Dear Praying Friends,

Since I wrote you last, a retired missionary who has worked in Iran and is familiar with our material, told us that he wanted to fund a Farsi translation of The Person of Jesus study! Farsi is the language of Iran and about half of Afghanistan. There has been a significant people movement in Iran since the revolution in 1979. Having to face the full implications of Islam and Shari law has made Jesus more attractive to the Iranian people. All through Islam there is a small but growing house church movement that is hungry for good material. By God's grace we want to help "Equip the House Church Movement in the Muslim World." We have a team (Jonathan Winfree, Julie Courtney, our International Coordinator, and myself) working to create a new International English version of the manual that is somewhat simplified to use as a template for these translations.

I mentioned in our last email that our daughter Ashley was diagnosed with colon cancer. A week ago they removed the section of her colon that was cancerous and just yesterday she found out that the cancer has spread to some of her lymph nodes, so it is stage III and she will need chemotherapy. She is 36 years old and very precious to us. Please keep her in your prayers.

Can you also pray for Justin Wilson, our Development Associate in Lakeland, Florida? Justin is a critical member of our Development Team and often a consultant to me in our work as well. He had surgery to remove a blocked section of his colon and is still in the hospital after two weeks. He might need additional surgery to remove fluid that is building up in his abdomen. His white count went up yesterday. So we are becoming the GI (Gastro-Intestinal) mission!

At last check we were $78,000 short of our goal of $365,000 for our Annual Fund, with our year ending June 30. But Jesus is on the throne and he always provides just what we need.


Paul Miller

Executive Director 

May Update

Dear Praying Friends,

These are good days for seeJesus. Steve Byrd has raised enough money for us to start working on the Arab translation of the Person of Jesus study. We have a myriad of cross-cultural challenges including adapting the course for a Middle Eastern culture (which is closer to the New Testament than our own) and redoing the design of the course since Arabic reads from right to left. We’re doing so much work in rural, third world situations that Jonathan Winfree is beginning a rewrite of the Person of Jesus study customized for that world. Jill and Julie and are working on the Bethesda series, the adapting the Person of Jesus study for adults who learn differently, and Lydia Leggett is putting the finishing touches on the Love Course.

A Praying Life ministries under Bob Allum’s leadership is flourishing. Bob is training additional seminar leaders to help share the load. Just last month Bob Loker did our first ever Hispanic A Praying Life Seminar in Lima, Peru.

Most mornings I’m writing a book on love using the book of Ruth. I love writing. I usually look up an discover that it is 10:00. The book, like the rest of our work, is focused on the core passions of Christianity. It is our belief that if those core passions are working, then everything else works. That is, if you get faith, love, Jesus, and the gospel right, then you’ve won the high ground and the rest is just mopping up.

I even have some good news on development. Our gap is still huge: With four weeks to go we still are $105,000 short of our goal of $365,000. But the number of “Friends of seeJesus” who commit monthly to give to seeJesus has gone from 60 to 96 in the last few months.

I do have a personal prayer request. Our second daughter Ashley, who just shines with Jesus, was diagnosed today with colon cancer. We don’t know the stage yet, but she is having surgery next week. Ashley is married to Dave and they have three children. We do covet your daily prayers for her  complete healing. I’ll keep you posted in future prayer updates.


Paul Miller

April Update

Dear Praying Friend,

Our team to Australia had a great time doing both the A Praying Life and the Person of Jesus seminar. It was the fourth seminar we've done in the last six months in an English speaking post-Christian culture: Ireland, England (2x), and Australia. In all four locations we were struck by how the church had made significant shifts in adapting to a post-Christian world. They loved the Person of Jesus study, which was written for a culture that is losing its memory of Christianity. It does that in two ways: for Christians, it drives home the need for an authentic life that reflects Jesus; and for non-Christians, it shows them the heart of our faith, the beauty of Jesus.


This quote from Skye Jethani, the senior editor of Leadership Journal, really captures what we are doing:

"The primary purpose of the church, before mission, before healing, before transforming the culture; the first purpose of the church is to give a ravishing vision of who Jesus Christ is and let him draw people to himself. But we are not presenting Jesus Christ, we are presenting mission, or we are presenting transformation, we’re presenting healthy marriage or healthy family. And so people come for reasons other than Jesus himself…Until we get the Gospel right, we shouldn’t be surprised that young people are walking away…Before we are called to something, before we are called to somewhere, we are called to someone.”


While the historically Christian underpinnings of our American culture are breaking down, Christianity itself is not. Nor is Jesus. We just have to learn to do things differently. We need to dig deeper into Christ and the depths of his love. The old ways aren't working.


A team (seeJesus International Coordinator and Bob Loker, Board Member) is heading off to Peru this week to do our first ever A Praying Life Seminar in Spanish along with testing our new Person of Jesus Quechuan translation. Jonathan Winfree is heading off next week to Uganda to do training or prep work with three of our Ugandan partner organizations.


Finances are still very tight. If you haven’t already done so, we continue to encourage all of our praying friends to become official “Friends of seeJesus.”

I'm thankful for your prayers for our work. I'm about half way through the first draft of the book on Ruth, centered around love. I write in the mornings and do everything else in the afternoon.

Paul Miller

March Update

Dear Praying Friends,

I did an A Praying Life seminar in Vermont last Saturday. On Friday evening I spoke to a group of 50 pastors and their wives. The pastors were literally on the edge of their seat when I announced the topic, "What The Reformation Is Missing." It was like a Catholic teaching on "What is Wrong With the Pope!" But unlike many critics of the Reformation I love the Reformation and its rally cry of only scripture, only faith, and only grace. I love justification by faith. So it isn't what's wrong, but what's missing.
In a nutshell, what is missing is a theology of love. After I write the book on Ruth, I hope, Lord willing, to develop a seminar and then a book on this called, "Believe and Become the Gospel." The great discovery of the Reformation is that you need to Believe the Gospel. That needs to be primary. That is the foundation you always return to. But if you don't Become the Gospel, that is, enter into the life, death and resurrection of Christ, then the gospel goes stale. Paul the Apostle talks about this all the time (Philippians 2:1-11, 3:3-11; Romans 9:1-3; II Corinthians 1-4 climaxing in 4:7-12; Colossians 1:24). I covet your prayers for my writing.
This Monday, March 19th, a team consisting of Lyle Caswell (Lakeland, FL), Julie Courtney (Philly), and Bob Allums (Chicago) are heading off to do a Jesus Weekend in Brisbane, Australia. Please pray for the Australian church where they will be teaching that they would be challenged to see, know and love like Jesus.
We just got an informal invitation to send a team to Sri Lanka. Who knows what God might do!
Our backs are a bit to the wall with our Annual Fund. Currently we have 70 Friends of seeJesus who give at least $25/month to our work. We're hoping, by God's grace to reach 200. Here's a link with more information on Friends:
Who knows what God might do?
Paul Miller
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