Exciting International Growth


I first met Miguel and Ivonne in Chile in 2010 where Miguel was (and is) a Senior Pastor of a church. They were responsible for 18 small group Bible studies and several small churches outside the city. They had invited me to their church to equip their leaders to teach the Person of Jesus Interactive Bible Study as part of their outreach and discipleship ministries.

Those three nights of training were just the beginning of a much larger relationship. Miguel joined me in 2013 in Cuba where we together equipped others. Last year Miguel partnered with Bob Loker (seeJesus Board Director) and me in Colombia to equip more leaders in two churches. As a result of those trainings, Bob and I had the privilege of inviting Miguel to be seeJesus’ first certified trainer from another country. He now helps us equip Person of Jesus leaders in the Spanish-speaking world.

We invited Miguel and Ivonne to come to the U.S. last September to lead a mini-training in Miami, and to come to the seeJesus main office in Telford, PA where they met Paul Miller and the other local staff members. Miguel and Ivonne share our passion in equipping and multiplying lovers of Jesus worldwide. His church and denomination graciously allows him to make three international trips per year on behalf of seeJesus. I have been in Miguel and Ivonne’s home over the years, and now they have been in Ellen and my home.

So, what’s the next step with Miguel and Ivonne? We will be co-leading Person of Jesus trainings for the next two weeks in Chile and Colombia. Now Ivonne is in the process of becoming a certified Person of Jesus trainer. Plus, we are expecting 180 pastors and church leaders to participant in these trainings.

These are exciting times for Miguel and Ivonne and seeJesus and we thank you for your continued prayers!


Staff Member, International Coordinator

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