Bob Allums Featured on Peacetalk Radio

Bob Allums, director of A Praying Life Ministries, was featured on Peacetalk Radio on two occasions in November 2012. First, on 11/09/2012, Bob shares the story of his struggle with mouth cancer and the restoration he experienced. Then, on 11/16/2012, Bob talks with host Larry Wood about our struggles and attitudes towards prayer and what prayer really is or isn’t. You can find full versions of these radio broadcasts on Peacetalk's Archive page. We hope you enjoy and encouraged by Bob's story!

December Update

Dear Praying Friends,

This has been a wonderful fall for seeJesus overseas. Here's a quick summary:

  • New Delhi, India (Sept): Drew Bennett and Jonathan Winfree led Person of Jesus and A Praying Life Seminars
  • Moldova, near Russia (Nov): seeJesus International Coordinator led A Person of Jesus Seminar
  • Uganda, (Nov): Jonathan did a follow up of a Person of Jesus Seminar
  • Haiti (Nov): Jeff Owen did an informal Person of Jesus Seminar
  • Montreal, Canada (Nov): Bob Allums led an A Praying Life Seminar with 700 French Canadians. A publisher worked hard to get the new French translation of the book ready in time for the event, and the book table was very, very busy!

I'm finishing up a book on love based on our Ruth study. I covet your prayers for my next month of editing. Then I turn my attention to two new seminars: Money and the Heart and Gospel Liberation. I might also work on a new seminar, Surviving and Thriving in a Collapsing World. I did a little snippet of it out in Chicago last weekend at Bob Allum's encouragement. It tries to make sense of our collapsing world. Since '91 my desire has been to prepare the church, the bride, for suffering.

A Praying Life is on sale for Kindle for $1.99 through Dec 22. We're selling A Praying Life for $6.99 for 5+ copies through Dec 31 at our web store.

My daughter Ashley just finished her 12th and last chemo. We have really seen her faith shine, as you can see in her most recent blog entry.

Merry Christmas from all of us at seeJesus!


Paul Miller

Walking seven hours to see more of Jesus

a story from our June 2012 Network


Tucked Below a rocky outcrop in the high Andes lies the tiny Quechua community of Ñaupus, elevation 12,000’, population 125. In late April, our International Coordinator traveled here to lead a Person of Jesus training for 28 Quechuan leaders. Attendees came from many other villages—those who traveled the farthest walked seven hours, starting their journey at 2 am. Both printed resources and training sessions are rare in these remote villages, so the leaders were eager to participate.

"This opportunity grew out of a visit to Peru last fall,” says this staff member, “where I led a Person of Jesus training at an indigenous mission center focused on the Quechuan people. Samuel Saccsara directs that mission center, and he was so excited about the material that he asked for permission to start a translation and if I would return to train leaders farther up into the mountains.” Our staff member reflected, “As I made the long journey, I had to shake my head and laugh—only God can open a door like this!"

After the training in Ñaupus, one participant commented, “I’ve never led a study, but now I can do it. With this material in Quechua I will teach in my church. God bless you for this material!"

Our International Coordinator contracted a stomach bug and was unable to lead a planned seminar in another village, but since Samuel had gone through training, he was able to jump in and lead it. While the staff member didn’t enjoy the stomach bug, this is exactly the kind of multiplying ministry that seeJesus delights to be involved in.

Samuel plans to continue translating the material and training other Quechua leaders. He says, “I rejoiced in watching future Quechua leaders as they grew through the seminars. With this method, we’ll be able to prepare leaders who can reach Quechua communities that are far away and often forgotten."

Election Day with Kim

I kept taking pictures of Kim today when she made me smile, and I thought you’d enjoy seeing a day in the life of Kim.

7:30am: Sweatshirt on backwards


I snapped this photo of Kim as we were walking out the door to vote. Notice that her sweatshirt is on backwards!

8:00am: Waiting in line to vote.


Kim was was less than happy with the long line snaking down into the basement. We did entertain others in line with our complaining. Kim was complaining about her knee at this point. She tried sneaking ahead in line several times before I pulled her back.

3:30pm: My office


Kim's finished working at her job walking dogs and her helper dropped her off at my office. She’s watching a Barney Fife movie on Julie Courtney’s iPad on Netflix. She’s giggling as she watches. I love her smile.

6:00pm: Dinner


I was intrigued by Kim’s dipping her Ahi Tuna in ketchup. Delicious!

October Update

Paul sends out out a monthly seeJesus prayer update to folks that have subscribed to our email list. We sent this out last week and have already seen some answers to prayer! If you are interested in subscribing, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks!

Dear Praying Friend,

Our team of seeJesus Trainers, Drew Bennett and Jonathan Winfree, had a wonderful time in India doing a Person of Jesus Seminar with 40 leaders at a local Bible Institute. This training center is a perfect partner for our work. They are focused in North India on the Hindi population (600 million speakers!) They want to do a Hindi translation of the Person of Jesus manual.

We've slowed down all our translation work to get a master translation manual that simplifies the language and minimizes the number of American illustrations. Jonathan Winfree is heading that team up. Thank you for praying for Jonathan!

The new Money and the Heart Seminar went well in Lakeland, FL. I built the core of it around Jesus' teachings on money, which are primarily focused on being a lover with our money. It was a real experience of seeing Jesus. Trinity Presbyterian taped the seminar. Click here to hear it online.

I'm also working on a new gospel seminar. I'm not sure what to call it yet, but it brings together classic Reformed insights on the gospel with new reflections (contained in the Love Course) on how the process of loving joins us with Christ in his suffering.

We've begun work on a new website,, to encourage the prayer movement that has been spawned by God's blessing of our A Praying Life Ministry under Bob Allum's leadership. Our communications team of Liz Voboril and Kelly Bergman are beginning to work with Bob on this new site. We want to feed the excitement that many people have after attending a seminar or reading A Praying Life.

I'd covet your prayers for my speaking this weekend, beginning Thursday night at the Christian Legal Society's National Conference. I want to unashamedly point these 400 lawyers to the simplicity of being like a little child.

My daughter Ashley just finished her 8th round of chemo. Thank you for praying for her.



Paul Miller

September Update

Paul sends out a monthly seeJesus prayer update to folks that have subscribed to our email list. We sent this out last week and have already seen some answers to prayer! If you are interested in subscribing, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks!


Dear seeJesus Praying Friends,

Two of our seeJesus Trainers, Jonathan Winfree and Drew Bennett, are leaving for India next week to train students in our Person of Jesus and A Praying Life material. The London Team of World Harvest had seen our materials being used with South Asians in London and was eager to open doors for us in India. We know from previous seminars that the inductive style combined with the focus on Jesus won the hearts of Indians. India has had a fascination with Jesus ever since Ghandi challenged Christians to be more like Jesus!

I spent the last two weeks creating a new seminar: Money and the Heart. I originally started working on it in 1990 but when I took a sabbatical in the spring of '91, I was so blown away by my study of Jesus that I forgot about money for 22 years!

Now I'm back to editing the Ruth book after working on the new seminar. I covet your prayers. Editing is a painful process, mainly because you get so attached to your words that you hate killing them!

The Love Course is now out. The lectures can be downloaded for free. Written after that sabbatical in 1991, this is my first and still most in-depth study of a theology of love.


  • Steve Byrd had a wonderful time in in South Sudan introducing the church to our material. He can't wait to go back.
  • My daughter, Ashley, finished her 6th round of chemo.
  • We're having our first-ever staff retreat this weekend in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. I'd covet your prayers for our time together.



Paul E. Miller

Nothing Is Impossible With God

The influence Paul's mom had on him seeing Jesus is evident in his foreword to her new book, Nothing Is Impossible with God: Reflections on Weakness, Faith, and Power (New Growth Press). Be encouraged as you read.


Forward to "Nothing Is Impossible With God"

My mom has written this book on her life's journey since Dad's home going in April, 1996. But the best book is the one we get to watch every day--her life. Paul tells the Corinthians (3:3), "You show that you are a letter from Christ...." I love to tell people, "How many 87-year-old woman work almost full time as missionaries to Hindus in London?" When she is in London, when weddings or births or visa problems aren't pulling her home, she is regularly serving and meeting with Asian woman. She just loves it.

But it gets better. Mom is not just working in London, she communicates regularly with her family of five children, twenty-four grandchildren, and twenty great grandchildren. Just getting birthday presents for that horde is a full time job in itself.

And better. She voraciously. She's introduced me to the whole genre of British Indian fiction. I didn't even know what the Mann Booker Prize was until Mom would tell me, "Paul, you need to read Brick Road; it just won the Mann Booker Prize." The what? How many 87-year old moms keep their sons on the cutting edge of culture? Just this morning she gave me a book by an Australian author, Gregory David Roberts, called Shantaram.

And still better. Mom hascultivated about a dozen, maybe even a couple of dozen friendships with women who share their lives with her and she with them. One of those friends, Sandy Elder said this about Mom, "Shirley & I often say, no matter the age difference, in our case 30 years difference, that she is so a "peer". What we mean by that is that whatever we confess to one another that we are struggling with, she has this amazing way that will always respond 'Oh ladies, believe me, I struggle with the same thing in my heart too, so please pray for me as I pray for you.' And we know she does. She is also one of the few women I know who has made the Holy Spirit to be real and accessible through her testimonies and teaching; it is, I suppose, because she really does rely on Christ through the Spirit."

And for those of you who are familiar with the Sonship course, Mom is constantly rediscovering the gospel. She will battle out of a fog into the clear air of the love of God for her. Her spirits will lift when something from the Word feeds her soul. Another friend, Sandy Smallman said this about Mom, "I am always challenged and blessed by Rose Marie's "restless" Christian heart......restless in a good way. She is never willing to simply be a status quo Christian, one who is happy with some blessings here and there. She demands more. She wants more of God, more participation in His ministry, more of His peace and joy. She frequently asks me to pray that she would not depart from a simple and pure devotion to Christ.' She says that so often that it has become something like a mantra to me. She often adds that she prays that for me as well."

Mom has sown a life immersed in the Word, and she is reaping a harvest of faith. All our lives have trajectories; all of us are in a continuing process of reaping and sowing. Old age, though, is heavily weighted toward the reaping side of life. It is the time in life when, to quote Jesus, "hidden things are revealed." If I had to summarize Mom's life I would say, "In the battle of life, she immersed herself in the Word and community, which in turn fed her faith and empowered her love." Easy to say. Wicked hard to do. She often tells me the "back story" of what is going on in her life. Mom's life now is characterized by ongoing forgiveness, surrendering her will, waiting on God, fighting discouragement, and just stuff.

Mom's example has impacted my wife Jill's assessment of my retirement--Jill informed me that it wasn't going to happen! It was a no-brainer for Jill. She compared Mom's life with the lives of Christians who had slowed down and had drifted into low-level narcissism, and she didn't want any parts of it. The life of a pilgrim is far too attractive. Proverbs captures it best, "The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day."

Enjoy the book. Enjoy watching Mom reap. Enjoy the trajectory of her life. Just remember that the real book is working in London with Hindu women or walking the dog in Philly.


Paul E. Miller

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Reflections on the New Reformed Movement

By Paul Miller

I was delighted to across this quote from John Piper where he says how important it is not to get lost in theology and instead be grounded in the person of Jesus. That is what our ministry is all about. Grounding the church in his person, in the personal. The person of Jesus is the missing jewel of Christianity. 

Piper writes "...We should be intellectually and emotionally more engaged with the person of Christ, the person of God--the Trinity--than we are with thinking about him. Thinking about God and engaging with him are inextricably woven together. But the reason you are reading the Bible, and the reason you are framing thoughts about God from the Bible, is to make your way through those thoughts to the real person." 

Read more of Piper's article here.

Grandpa Camp


A couple of weeks ago, I (Paul) took four of my grandkids ages 10 to 5 camping for our first annual Grandpa Camp. Disaster struck as I unpacked at our campsite. I'd forgotten the tent poles. Jill offered to make a special trip out, but I said, "Don't worry, we can use the canopy as a tent. Everything is under control." That night it rained. I mean really rained. There was an inch of rain in the frying pan in the morning. My texts that morning to Jill:

7:05 Water pooled under canopy. Both boys slept in my sleeping bag. Everything is soaked.

9:03 Everything is soaked. One of the grandkids is struggling. Can I swap out a grandkid?

10:23 Two dry sleeping bags would be wonderful

12:43 Can you Google address of nearest Laundromat?


My daughter Courtney came up with the tent poles and did four loads of laundry at a Laundromat to dry us out. She transformed Grandpa Camp by five hours of doing nothing but helping!

The picture is of what happens when grandpa forgets the tent poles and it rains!

July Update

Dear Praying Friends,

We made budget! In March I told our staff that we were headed for pay cuts July 1. Humanly speaking, I really didn't see any way out. But between donations to the Annual Fund and the Ruth project the Lord provided $352,000! Book sales, royalty income, and speaking fees were all higher than anticipated. So thank you for praying and giving! (I still can't quite believe it!)

Steve Byrd, our Director of Partner Relations, is off to Southern Sudan with a team from his church to work with a World Harvest team. Steve is introducing the national believers to the Person of Jesus study. This is our sixth recent informal partnership with World Harvest. Last year, Jonathan Winfree, our African Coordinator, led training with World Harvest's Ugandan team. Last fall, we did three trainings in Ireland and England that were either sponsored or initiated by World Harvest teams. In September, Jonathan and Drew Bennett are doing several trainings in India through a partnership with World Harvest's London Team and the Delhi Bible Institute. Almost all our overseas work is driven by partnerships like this. Increasingly we find ourselves partnering directly with national churches.

By God's grace, I've finished my initial rough draft of the Ruth book. I still have more work to do before I hand it over to the editor. I covet your prayers for wisdom, humility, and love as I write.

The Love Course comes out August 1st. We've broken the 32 lessons into five mini-courses each with its own study guide. The audio lectures will be available as free downloads on our website. The Love Course is my most in-depth look at Jesus and a theology of love. It addresses some missing themes of the Reformation, namely that we don't just believe the gospel, but we enter into the sufferings of Christ.

Thank you for praying for our daughter Ashley and her battle with colon cancer. Her first round of chemo last week was rough, but the doctors say that she has a 90% chance of being cancer free. Justin Wilson, our Partner Relations Representative in Florida, is doing better after colon surgery followed by an almost 3-week hospital stay.

Thank you for praying for our work of lifting Jesus up! Who knows what God might do?


Paul Miller



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