March Update

Dear Praying Friends,

I did an A Praying Life seminar in Vermont last Saturday. On Friday evening I spoke to a group of 50 pastors and their wives. The pastors were literally on the edge of their seat when I announced the topic, "What The Reformation Is Missing." It was like a Catholic teaching on "What is Wrong With the Pope!" But unlike many critics of the Reformation I love the Reformation and its rally cry of only scripture, only faith, and only grace. I love justification by faith. So it isn't what's wrong, but what's missing.
In a nutshell, what is missing is a theology of love. After I write the book on Ruth, I hope, Lord willing, to develop a seminar and then a book on this called, "Believe and Become the Gospel." The great discovery of the Reformation is that you need to Believe the Gospel. That needs to be primary. That is the foundation you always return to. But if you don't Become the Gospel, that is, enter into the life, death and resurrection of Christ, then the gospel goes stale. Paul the Apostle talks about this all the time (Philippians 2:1-11, 3:3-11; Romans 9:1-3; II Corinthians 1-4 climaxing in 4:7-12; Colossians 1:24). I covet your prayers for my writing.
This Monday, March 19th, a team consisting of Lyle Caswell (Lakeland, FL), Julie Courtney (Philly), and Bob Allums (Chicago) are heading off to do a Jesus Weekend in Brisbane, Australia. Please pray for the Australian church where they will be teaching that they would be challenged to see, know and love like Jesus.
We just got an informal invitation to send a team to Sri Lanka. Who knows what God might do!
Our backs are a bit to the wall with our Annual Fund. Currently we have 70 Friends of seeJesus who give at least $25/month to our work. We're hoping, by God's grace to reach 200. Here's a link with more information on Friends:
Who knows what God might do?
Paul Miller
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"We Lost Six Friends"

By Lydia Erin Leggett

In January, I went with Bob Allums, Julie Courtney, and Jeff Keiser, a fellow trainee, into a Muslim country to teach A Praying Life and the Person of Jesus at a conference. The fifty attendees, mostly British and American, have given everything for the sake of the Gospel, settling their families down in foreign and sometimes hostile territory in order to share Jesus.

My task was to love, and to learn; to teach, and to be mentored. I was to teach one lesson from the Person of Jesus. Here’s what happened.

Before we left, I studied several sections of the 48-lesson material, unsure what to teach. “I don’t know these people. I have no idea what they need to hear,” I kept thinking.

Throughout the flights (and there were four!), I wondered what to teach.

My prayers were simple: “Jesus, what should I teach? What do they need in this limited timeframe?” ‑ is unrest continued after we arrived; my prayers got shorter: “Lord, what do I do?”

Finally, at dinner on the first night of the conference, I told our seeJesus

team that I thought I should teach the lesson on Sadness (Lesson 39). I couldn’t tell them why, because I didn’t know. It just seemed right.

An hour later we were in sitting in the session, listening as several teams gave their reports. Our team was there to get to know the people. That’s where God spoke... and lowered the boom.

A husband and wife filled their fellow workers in on what was going on in their country: “Sadly, this year we lost six friends.” What?

That’s right. Six of their Christian friends had either been martyred in country or died of carbon monoxide poisoning. A simple, matter-of-fact sentence. The aching heart was there, but sadly familiar.

These people have seen suffering. It is a daily part of their lives. And I had solid confirmation that we needed to look at how Jesus encountered sadness.

Later, when I taught the lesson, I wish you could have been there while they watched Jesus model sadness. I wish you could have seen the quiet and subtle, “ah ha!,” I saw as a worker based in Asia marveled at Jesus heading toward the cross. The Father gave me quiet calm while teaching, when I would normally battle a racing heart and shaking speech.

This is what we do. We help people see Jesus. We want to go where we are

called, and help connect people to their lifelines: Jesus and prayer. We equip as well as encourage, opening up the material to them so they can disciple others in their own contexts. Several of my new friends from the conference want to bring the Person of Jesus study back to their fields.

So, I cannot say it enough: Thank you for enabling this ministry. Thank you for believing that God would do wonderful things wherever he takes us. And thank you forhaving the confidence that he’ll continue to work.

Lydia is the assistant to A Praying Life Ministries and a trainee with seeJesus. She and her husband Aaron live in Cañon City, CO.

Our time in England

Our team had a great time in England. I've been to Britain several times but it has always been with Americans. This time we were immersed in British culture. We loved their sense of humor. If I added these six words to my vocabulary, I might pass as British: brilliant, lovely, fantastic, proper, cheerio, and really. As in, "that was a brilliant seminar, really lovely, just fantastic".

In our debriefing, I asked our team for their highlights. Bob Allums (Director of A Praying Life Ministries) said it for all of us, "British Christians responded so warmly to our material and seminars because they are living in a post-Christian world, a world that no longer has a memory about Jesus. Our material fits better in England than America because they engaged with that gap." It is the world that America is becoming.

The British immediately picked up on the style of our material as well. Jonathan Winfree, our African Director, who did The Person of Jesus track with me, was struck by how many in our track were ready to move ahead into more advanced training. They needed very little training in an interactive style.

What a Surprise!

What a surprise...a small budget surplus at fiscal year end. Thank you Lord and thanks to all of you who gave! Your generosity is appreciated!

It was a "harvest year" for seeJesus.  A leading evangelical publisher in Brazil just finished translating A Praying Life and Love Walked Among Us into Portuguese.  I sat at the edge of my seat for most of our lunch meeting, fascinated by his descriptions of Brazilian culture. It amazes me how the "prayer side" of our work is pulling the "Jesus side." This publisher heard seeJesus through the book, A Praying Life, then got interested in Love Walked Among Us. Now they would like us to send a team to provide training through the Person of Jesus Seminar. The church is exploding in Brazil.

Recovering a Lost Theology of Martyrdom: Part 1

When I first read as a child about early Christian martyrs, I was fascinated but puzzled. I was fascinated by their willingness to follow Jesus to death, to witness (the meaning of martyr) through their deaths. I could see the necessity and even beauty of martyrdom, but I was puzzled by the early church’s treating it as a prize, as a kind of Academy Award, something to be sought after. It is one thing to have martyrdom happen to you, it is entirely another to prize it. That I didn’t understand. Oddly enough the only place that preserves this early Christian attitude to martyrdom is Islam.            

Day 11: Jerusalem and Dying

Today was all about dying. We started the day going to Yad Veshem, the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem.

Day 10: Gethsemane and Temple Top

Day 9: Temple Mount, Hezekiah's Tunnel, and Qumran

Day 8: Through Negev to Jerusalem

Day 7: Dead Sea

Day 6: South to Dead Sea

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