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"The Heart of the Bethesda Series" (PDF of 3/2014 Network article)

An illustration and explanation of the Bible verses of 1 John 4:10-14

Spring 2014 Network Article - Learn what inspired Paul Miller to start working on this study, A Loving Life.

Unanswered Prayers: a chapter from the second edition of A Praying Life

A Praying Life_A seeJesus Seminar

 “The A Praying Life Seminar is the most practical training in prayer possible, yet it is rooted in biblical theology.

I highly recommend it.”

— Rev. Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, NY



What is A Praying Life Seminar?

The teaching from which Paul Miller wrote the bestselling book A Praying Life, the seminar immerses your church or organization into learning what it means to do all of life through prayer, in connection with their heavenly Father. The seminar looks not only at struggles in prayer experienced by people all over the world, but it also dives into how to invite the Father into all aspects of life. It begins with the recognition that none of us do prayer perfectly, and guides the participants in discovering how to connect with God in a distracting world. 

 This seminar changed everything about the way we do ministry.

- Pastor Jon Hori, Chino Hills Evangelical Free Church, CA


Who has had A Praying Life Seminars?

Our highly skilled Trainers have traveled throughout the United States and the world, leading people across denominational lines and country borders in learning these principles. To date, more than 20,000 people have experienced the seminar through the globe.

Click here for What People Are Saying about their A Praying Life Seminar

Hosting a Seminar

The seminar team makes hosting a seminar easy. seeJesus provides...

  • - centralized registration through the website
  • - a fully customized bulletin insert
  • - participant materials - a full manual for each person in attendance
  • - a book table with follow-up and further resources


 "After my wife and I attended a seminar in Lawrence, Kansas, we knew how important it would be, no, how necessary it would be to get the information back to our urban core. The individuals who attended our A Praying Life seminar with Bob Allums were as blown away as my wife and I were. 

- Pastor Adrion Roberson, Kansas City, KS



What about follow-up?

Like any pastor or leader, you are probably concerned that this would be a "one and done," however wonderful, kind of event. We at seeJesus are working hard on our vision to see a movement of prayer throughout God's church. To that end, some follow up options include:

- Further seminars: With the Basic seminar, you'll get all the teaching to understand the paradigms, and we encourage further training through the Advanced and Intensive seminars. 

- The creation of Barnabas Groups

- Small group book studies: The A Praying Life Discussion Guide works hand-in-hand with the popular book, to get people to think further, in community, about what these principles mean.


Contact Us About Possibilities!



Bethesda Series - Compassion: Teacher’s Manual – Lesson 12 (PDF)

Bethesda Series - Compassion: Teacher’s Manual – Lesson 7 (PDF)

Jill Miller's Introduction to the Bethesda Series.

Paul Miller's Foreward to the Bethesda Series.

Bethesda Series - Compassion: Teacher’s Quick Start Guide (PDF)

A 2004 article published in Discipleship Journal discussing time management and efficiency from a biblical perspective

A short article about finding the presence of Jesus in everyday life.

A five page document written by Paul Miller on Evangelism in a "postmodern" world.

An essay exploring the gift of parenting a disabled child.

A link to's page focusing on featured guest Paul Miller, including his biography and several audio talks on prayer.

Joshua Blount's book review of Love Walked Among Us for CCEF's online journal.

A book review of Paul Miller's Love Walked Among Us by David Powlison for The Journal of Biblical Counseling.

A 2002 interview of Paul Miller on his book, Love Walked Among Us.

A case for Paul Miller's Love Walked Among Us being written for Non-Christians in addition to Christians.

An Overview of the purpose, message, and content of Love Walked Among Us along with an endorsement from well known writer and Professor of Theology, David Powlison.

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