A quick look at Small Group Leader Training

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Small Group Leader Training is designed to transform small group ministry and renew your love for Jesus by training you to lead interactive Bible studies. Imagine being able to lead a Bible study with confidence in your small group or Sunday school or even at work or in your neighborhood!  You'll learn a new skill while you deepen your love for Jesus and Scripture. Join us for a day of wonder and encouragement as we discover together the beauty of Jesus!


How Does the Training Work?

  • This seminar is set up like a small group where everyone is an involved learner. As our template, we use the Person of Jesus study.

  • Before the Seminar: Trainees will receive the lesson they will be leading, via email, a week in advance of the seminar. They will need to read through it multiple times prior to the seminar.

  • Friday Evening: Those trainees leading the same lesson will meet in a group with a trainer and get "focused feedback" as they teach through a portion of their lesson, being interrupted throughout the lesson.

  • Saturday All Day: Each trainee teaches his lesson straight through for 40 minutes to a small group of 5-8 people, with evaluation after each lesson.

  • Note: You may register as a participant and not lead a lesson if you'd like to explore and experience the approach before being trained, but everyone is encouraged to interact and participate.

Pre-requisites for Registering

Trainees must have either have attended a small group using seeJesus materials or a Person of Jesus seminar, or watched a lesson taught online. ("Grace for a Broken Woman" or "Interactive Method-Paul Miller leading The Person of Jesus")


Sample Schedule

Friday Evening  |  Small Group Leader Training Participants Only 

  7:00 pm - 9:30 pm -- Focused feedback from an experienced seeJesus Trainer in preparation to teach on Friday.

Saturday  |  Participants and Observers

  8:00 am - Continental Breakfast

  8:30 am - 1st Lesson

  9:30 am - 2nd Lesson 

10:30 am - Break

10:45 am - 3rd Lesson

11:45 am - Vision for Small Group Leader Training

12:15 pm - Lunch

  1:00 pm - 4th Lesson

  2:00 pm - 5th Lesson

  3:00 pm - Wrap-up

  3:30 pm - Close

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