Preparing for an Event


» What the Host Provides

    1. Location: Possibilities include
  • Your church
  • A local school
  • Retreat center
  • Any large meeting room
    2. Food & Refreshment
  • Coffee and pastries before the morning session begins.
  • A light lunch. Many churches absorb the cost of lunch or take donations to pay for it. Or you may send the participants out for a fast food lunch.
    3. Advertising for the Event
  • Forward the bulletin insert to any church in your area that you think might be interested. Network with churches in your area, promoting the event.
    4. Speaker Accommodations
  • When needed, we depend on the church to make arrangements for our speaker to stay at someone's home during the event.
    5. Name tags
    6. Volunteers
  • We do not send any of our staff to the event, except for the speaker(s). Therefore, we depend on the church to provide volunteers to handle the other duties. We generally need one volunteer for every 15 people that register, with a minimum of two volunteers. Their duties will be to setup and attend the registration and book tables, take care of distributing materials, help with the morning refreshments and final cleanup. Each receives a free copy of Love Walked Among Us and may attend the event free of charge.
    7. Other Needs
  • The speaker(s) will need a lectern, large flip chart, easel, and a couple of large markers for all sessions.
  • Depending on the size of the room and how many attend, he/she may or may not need a sound system with a lapel microphone.
  • We prefer a casual/intimate setting for seminars. A fellowship hall usually works better than a sanctuary.
  • Following the event, we may need you to ship our materials back to us. Shipping labels will be provided.


» What seeJesus provides

    1. A Bulletin Insert and posters upon request. 
    2. Book Table
    4. Advertisement. People may register through our website, our toll free number or at your church.

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