The Love Course Part 4 - Entering the Dependence of Jesus (audio lessons 18-23)

Love isn’t like the movies. It’s not accompanied by candlelight and violin solos. Love is a call to follow Jesus in his death and resurrection. The Love Course includes 32 lessons, divided into 5 parts: Part 1 - Entering the Compassion of Jesus, Part 2 - Entering the Honesty of Jesus, Part 3 - Entering the Oneness of Jesus, Part 4 - Entering the Dependence of Jesus, and Part 5 - Entering the Passion of Jesus.

 The Love Course Part 3 - Entering the Dependence of Jesus

Lesson 18 The Purity of Love Play Download mp3
Lesson 19 Others' Demands and Requests Play Download mp3
Lesson 20 My Father's Will - Loving People Play Download mp3
Lesson 21 Spiritual Warfare Play Download mp3
Lesson 22 Feeding of the 5,000 Play Download mp3
Lesson 23 King Jesus Play Download mp3

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