After the A PRAYING LIFE SEMINAR, what’s next?




It is simply a group limited to three men or three women (only three) that get together for an hour, once a month, to share prayer stories, show their prayer cards, and for intercessory prayer.


One person acts as the Monitor, who keeps it moving and watches the time. Each person brings three prayer cards with stories on them. When the Monitor gets the hour started, he or she gives the first person a five-minute window to pick one card out of the three, share the story, and show the card to the other two group members. Then, the other two group members have five minutes for their insights, thoughts, suggestions, encouragement, etc. The whole group then begins to pray, but for only five minutes. We suggest everyone pray only a sentence or two, which allows for others to get involved in the prayer story and allows for multiple times to pray in the five minutes. When the “amen” is said, 15 minutes has gone by. Note: Three people having 15 minutes means that only 45 minutes of the hour has been used. The other 15 minutes can be used for greeting each other, briefly catching up, ordering breakfast, etc.


Since the group is only three people and since the commitment is for one hour per month, it can be done at breakfast, a coffee shop, a home, a porch, or wherever is most convenient for the group.


Barnabas was the unsung hero of the New Testament. His calling was to see great qualities in others and encourage them in faith, confidence in the Lord, using gifts, and more. Without him, there would be no Apostle Paul! (Remember, the church was afraid of and distrusted Saul of Tarsus. It was Barnabas who vouched for him and got him “in.”) Without Barnabas, there would be no John Mark after Paul sent him home from the mission trip. Barnabas represents the ministry of encouragement to move forward into prayer stories and where they lead us. These prayer story and prayer time groups cannot help but encourage people to keep up their praying, enjoy the stories that unfold and, when the Spirit so leads, help one another in practical ways. We also learn a great deal just by seeing how others are praying through their situations and how they are fashioning their cards.


Of course! We recommend this one-hour schedule so it isn’t one more activity that crowds your calendar, and so that one person doesn’t dominate the time.


With a commitment to pray for one another, of course, now that each is intimately acquainted with the stories of others. And, now that one has the confidence that others are praying for them, the group can close with a prayer along the lines of “We can’t wait to see what you are going to do with these three prayer stories, Father.”


For Questions and/or Follow-Up, Contact:

Bob Allums

Director of A Praying Life, a seeJesus Ministry
(847) 800-8363 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lydia Leggett

Seminar Coordinator, Assistant to the Director
(847) 372-0907 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unanswered Prayers: a chapter from the second edition of A Praying Life

Scripture by category, for use with prayer cards.

A Praying Life_A seeJesus Seminar

 “The A Praying Life Seminar is the most practical training in prayer possible, yet it is rooted in biblical theology.

I highly recommend it.”

— Rev. Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, NY



What is A Praying Life Seminar?

The teaching from which Paul Miller wrote the bestselling book A Praying Life, the seminar immerses your church or organization into learning what it means to do all of life through prayer, in connection with their heavenly Father. The seminar looks not only at struggles in prayer experienced by people all over the world, but it also dives into how to invite the Father into all aspects of life. It begins with the recognition that none of us do prayer perfectly, and guides the participants in discovering how to connect with God in a distracting world. 

 This seminar changed everything about the way we do ministry.

- Pastor Jon Hori, Chino Hills Evangelical Free Church, CA


Who has had A Praying Life Seminars?

Our highly skilled Trainers have traveled throughout the United States and the world, leading people across denominational lines and country borders in learning these principles. To date, more than 20,000 people have experienced the seminar through the globe.

Click here for What People Are Saying about their A Praying Life Seminar

Hosting a Seminar

The seminar team makes hosting a seminar easy. seeJesus provides...

  • - centralized registration through the website
  • - a fully customized bulletin insert
  • - participant materials - a full manual for each person in attendance
  • - a book table with follow-up and further resources


 "After my wife and I attended a seminar in Lawrence, Kansas, we knew how important it would be, no, how necessary it would be to get the information back to our urban core. The individuals who attended our A Praying Life seminar with Bob Allums were as blown away as my wife and I were. 

- Pastor Adrion Roberson, Kansas City, KS



What about follow-up?

Like any pastor or leader, you are probably concerned that this would be a "one and done," however wonderful, kind of event. We at seeJesus are working hard on our vision to see a movement of prayer throughout God's church. To that end, some follow up options include:

- Further seminars: With the Basic seminar, you'll get all the teaching to understand the paradigms, and we encourage further training through the Advanced and Intensive seminars. 

- The creation of Barnabas Groups

- Small group book studies: The A Praying Life Discussion Guide works hand-in-hand with the popular book, to get people to think further, in community, about what these principles mean.


Contact Us About Possibilities!



In this sermon preached by Paul Miller, at Chrsit Comminity Church, Paul guides listeners through this famous parable about the rich man. He gives listeners the acrocnym EASI for weath without generosity. It stands for: Elevates. Accecerlates. Selfish. Isolates.

Listen here.


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