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Entering the Dependence of Jesus: The Love Course, Part 4 (5-pack)

Entering the Dependence of Jesus: The Love Course, Part 4  (5-pack)
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The Love Course

A Theology of Love

Love isn’t like the movies. It’s not accompanied by candlelight and violin solos. Love is a call to follow Jesus in his death and resurrection.

Unpack the theology of love in this teaching series, The Love Course: A Theology of Love. Taught by Paul Miller, this course examines Jesus’ love through the framework of Paul the Apostle’s teaching. It is gospel—spoken in Paul, clarifying the image of gospel—embodied in Jesus. You will see how Jesus inspired the way Paul the Apostle lived, taught, suffered, and loved. The beauty of love will leave you breathless, wanting, like Paul, to remap your own life on to Jesus’.

The course is suited for individual or small group study, and includes 32 lessons, divided into 5 parts: Part 1 - Entering the Compassion of Jesus, Part 2 - Entering the Honesty of Jesus, Part 3 - Entering the Oneness of Jesus, Part 4 - Entering the Dependence of Jesus, and Part 5 - Entering the Passion of Jesus.

Part 4 of 5. Jesus’ dependence on his heavenly Father is at the foundation of all his love, shaping his compassion and his honesty. His surrender to his Father frees him not to be bound by other people. He is free to say no to people some times, and then at other times be overwhelmed by other people’s needs.This is the subtlest, most difficult aspect of love to master.

The study guide for each part includes notes to accompany the free audio lessons taught by Paul Miller, as well as daily devotionals to help you reflect and discuss what you’re learning.

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Per Set Information
Retail Price: $9.99/per set
Web 5-pack Price: $6.99/per set
Length: 72 pages (part 4 0f 5 parts totaling 392 pages)
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
Binding: Saddle-stitch
Published: 2011



Part 3: Entering the Oneness of Jesus 

  • 1. The Purity of Love
  • 2. Others' Demands and Requests
  • 3. My Father's Will - Loving People
  • 4. Spiritual Warfare
  • 5. Feeding the 5,000
  • 6. King Jesus


"The Love Course reaches further into the heart and develops a sharper perspective of the beauty of Jesus and the gospel. I love it! And I love Him more and understand and appreciate His grace toward me far more as a result of this study." -Debbie Ellington

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