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Person of Jesus: Interactive Bible Study (Unit 3: Dependence on God-PDF)

Person of Jesus: Interactive Bible Study (Unit 3: Dependence on God-PDF)
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This unit introduces the third aspect of Jesus’ love: his dependence on his heavenly Father. Jesus’ dependence on his Father is rooted in a deep understanding of Scripture and a life of prayer.

Jesus summarizes his dependence on his Father when he says, “I do nothing on my own. I only do what I see my Father doing” (John 5:19, 30). This dependence allows Jesus to say “no” to others’ attempts to control him. Jesus even says “no” to his family’s request that he go to the Feast of Tabernacles, because his “time” had “not yet come.” Jesus’ family is driven to be great, while he is driven to fellowship with his Father.

Jesus’ relationship with his mother is a study in saying “no.” We look at three incidents when Mary tries to control Jesus. In each situation, his actions are controlled and shaped by his submission to his Father.

In Satan’s three temptations of Jesus, Jesus refuses to act out of fellowship with his heavenly Father or to separate his power from his love. Satan returns to tempt Jesus in the Pharisees’ request for a sign. But Jesus refuses. Doing a sign would ease the pain of God-becoming-man.

Jesus’ communion with his Father also gives him the freedom to lovingly intrude into people’s lives. He intrudes into Zacchaeus’ life by inviting himself to his house for dinner. Jesus is constantly touching people as he heals them, which is gentle intrusion into their lives to love them. He also lets others intrude into his life, as with the menstruating woman who touches him in a crowd.

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  • Length: 86 pages
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  • Published: 2006


Unit 3: Dependence on God

21. The Secret to Love
22. Guidance from God
23. Saying “No” to Someone You Love
24. Giving Up Control
25. Saying “No” to Yourself
26. Satan Returns
27. Love Moves Toward People
28. Touching
29. Selfless Openness
30. The Balance of Love



As a pastor I find myself scared to death of talking to non-Christians. I am grateful for this material that not only gives me an avenue but shows me the compassion and love Jesus has for the lost.” - Leonard Bailey, Pastor, Redeemer Church, Raleigh, NC

“The Person of Jesus is the best material I have been exposed to for getting to know Jesus personally.” - Marion "Bo" Bohanan, Deputy National Director-Operational Ministries, Military Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ

“I loved the slowed down teaching of a passage - so you could actually savor every word and come away with a "real life" encounter with the Person of Jesus.” - Ruth Worth, Women's Small Group Leader, Jacksonville Chapel, Lincoln Park, NJ

“I loved the opportunity to practice teaching the model presented. Curriculum is great! The teacher is gifted. Great need in the church to teach believers how to simple lead a study of Jesus. The focus on Christ's ministry on earth—examining the Scriptures so closely—is food for the soul and water for the thirsty.” - Margaret Skinner, Administrative Assistant, Calvary Church, Souderton, PA

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