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Person of Jesus: Interactive Bible Study (Unit 5: The Passion-PDF)

Person of Jesus: Interactive Bible Study (Unit 5: The Passion-PDF)
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Love is a journey downward through the valley of humility. In this unit, we trace Jesus’ own downward journey to the cross as he teaches his reluctant disciples the importance of humility. Love is usually difficult because it is so humbling. Yet in the low place of humility, we learn to see clearly, because God lives there.

As Jesus journeys to the cross, he speaks openly of the sadness he feels in three relationships: with the nation of Israel, Judas, and his heavenly Father. He grieves over Israel’s rejection of him and the judgment that is to come on Israel. At the Last Supper he is agitated as he contemplates Judas’ betrayal. When he thinks about his death and separation from his Father, he is honest about his feelings, though not shaped by them.

The study climaxes with the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life. Every aspect of Jesus’ love is displayed as he comes under intense pressure. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus performs a symphony of love—protecting, defending, touching, healing, and rebuking. Jesus even moves toward Pilate’s heart as he is on trial.

We reflect on the meaning of the cross by observing that the center of every act of love is a substitution, an exchange of one life for another. Death is at the center of love.

The resurrection of Jesus breaks the power of death and represents the ultimate victory of love, because without hope, love is pointless. Jesus is the shepherd king, someone both good and strong, who meets our deepest fears and smallest needs.

  • Download Price: $9.99
  • Length: 108 pages
  • Size: PDF 1.8 MB
  • Published: 2006


Unit 5: The Passion

38. Humility
39. Sadness
40. Facing Death
41. The Problem of Sin and Death
42. Gethsemane
43. A Symphony of Love
44. The Trial
45. The Cross
46. Death, the Center of Love
47. The Resurrection
48. Love Is Forever



As a pastor I find myself scared to death of talking to non-Christians. I am grateful for this material that not only gives me an avenue but shows me the compassion and love Jesus has for the lost.” - Leonard Bailey, Pastor, Redeemer Church, Raleigh, NC

“The Person of Jesus is the best material I have been exposed to for getting to know Jesus personally.” - Marion "Bo" Bohanan, Deputy National Director-Operational Ministries, Military Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ

“I loved the slowed down teaching of a passage - so you could actually savor every word and come away with a "real life" encounter with the Person of Jesus.” - Ruth Worth, Women's Small Group Leader, Jacksonville Chapel, Lincoln Park, NJ

“I loved the opportunity to practice teaching the model presented. Curriculum is great! The teacher is gifted. Great need in the church to teach believers how to simple lead a study of Jesus. The focus on Christ's ministry on earth—examining the Scriptures so closely—is food for the soul and water for the thirsty.” - Margaret Skinner, Administrative Assistant, Calvary Church, Souderton, PA

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