• Starter Kit PDF - This starter kit PDF provides potential leaders with the leader's materials for first three lessons of the A Loving Life Interactive Bible Study
  • Quick Start Guide - This guide shows you how the manual works, helps you solve problems in interactive study, and gives tips for discipling with the book of Ruth.
  • Sample Lesson - To get an idea of what a lesson looks like, you can download Lesson 2, "Love Breaks."
  • Video of Sample Lesson - Lesson 2 being taught by Lyle Caswell of Christ Community Church in Lakeland, FL.

Background Material:

  • What is different about seeJesus Bible studies? - A video recording of a webinar led by Paul Miller examining the seeJesus Interactive Teaching Method.
  • Video of Paul Miller talking about what got him started working on the book, A Loving Life
  • Video of Justin Taylor interviewing Paul Miller about A Loving Life.
  • Spring 2014 Network Article - Learn what inspired Paul Miller to start working on this study.
  • Blog post about A Loving Life - Read about broader cultural trends that inspired Paul Miller in his work on A Loving Life.
  • A Comparison Chart To see how the chapters in the A Loving Life book compare to chapters in the A Loving Life Interactive Bible Study.


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