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"Coming home from the Ruth study to watch the March Madness finals was a real eye opener. I just couldn’t get excited the way I used to. I realized that nothing can satisfy me like God can.” - Tim Wiggins, Perimeter Church
"Best love story ever (and this is a man speaking), but the deepest love is not the romantic relationship, but Ruth's love for Naomi...Not at all just a woman's study. Great for men, too." - John Portis, Chelten Church
"Four small chapters take an ordinary story about ordinary people and places and explode it with truth and hope in Redeeming love." - Gretchen Sweet, Trinity Presbyterian Church
"The call to hesed love went with me everywhere for the last 3 months. Rather than fleeing from those places where I must love beyond my desire and ability to love, I grew more excited to lean in and experience Christ as my only food and breath in those moments." - Laura McCaulley, Trinity Presbyterian Church

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