Dependence (Bethesda Series)

Unpack the paradox of dependence by studying how Jesus daily depends on his Father. Notice how Jesus’ dependence kept him from being concerned about what others thought of him and freed him to love without fear. Learn to do the same through this interactive Bible study!

Dependence (Bethesda Series), written by Jill Miller, is the 3rd study in a 7-part series designed to provide Bible study material for adults and young adults affected by disability. The first five studies have been adapted from the Person of Jesus study by Paul E. Miller. 

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• Guided interactive approach enables all students—both those affected by disability and typical peers—to discover key teachings of the lesson for themselves.
• 12 flexible lesson plans with friendly colorful illustrations and step-by-step instructions.
• Materials list includes props for role-playing and online videos to share with students.
• Tips to help teachers: Kim's World, Teaching Notes, and Gospel Connection.
• Study can be used one-on-one, or with a small group.
• The companion, Dependence: Student Manual, is also available.

• Group reading is made easy because Bible passages are included and color-coded.
• Students engage in the Bible passage through role-playing, puppetry or videos.
• Students build heart and head knowledge of the Bible through the interactive questions and simple illustrations.
• The "What About Me?" section provides simple questions designed to help students apply the teaching to their lives.


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