Distinctives of seeJesus Interactive Bible Studies:

  • Guided interactive approach: The heart of each study is 30-40 carefully sequenced questions that enable participants to discover the main teaching of each passage. These questions are interspersed with short historical, cultural and theological background material for the leader to present.
  • Suitable for varied audiences: Our studies have been used and loved by groups from Quechuans in the High Andes mountains to secular urbanites in major US cities. They’re well-suited to groups that blend believers and nonbelievers.
  • Easy for inexperienced leaders to use: The Leader’s Manual makes it easy to lead a group – it maps out everything down to what to say and when to say it. We’ve found this makes it easy for even an inexperienced leader to be highly effective.
  • Proven and tested: Each study begins as an interactive seminar and is tested with a wide variety of audiences before it becomes a published study. Watch our intro video to hear what people are saying about these studies.

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