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Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF)

“We’d be embarrassed to talk with another human being the way we often talk to God. Stilted, formal phraseology? Breathlessly filling in gaps with the person’s title or name? Dull as drying paint? Vague generalizations rather than specifics? Confused meandering? Gimme, gimme, gimme as we rattle through a list? What we call 'prayer' ought to be meaningful personal communication. The most meaningful, in fact. The most personal. The most direct. A Praying Life will help you to develop meaningful, interpersonal communication with God.”
- David Powlison, Westminster Seminary, CCEF

Church of the Nazarene

“I really enjoyed your class. It came at a time where I needed it more than you know. I can see in the near future asking you to do this at the Nazarene Church I attend. Having done training for many years I thought you did a great job presenting the material.”
- Rick Rimbo, Church of the Nazarene

Evangelical Free Church

“It was fantastic. Did it speak to me??? It whispered, it spoke, it screamed. I really needed to hear what was said.”
- Seminar Participant/Cornerstone E-Free Richmond VA
“Personally, you pushed me back into journaling--something that really helps me connect with my Father but had gotten squeezed out of my life due to ever-increasing pressures to do, serve, work, figure out, fix and also because of discouragement, weariness. Could the two be related? As I thought more deeply about some of what you were saying it truly was the comfort that you've received from Jesus in your sufferings flowing over and encouraging me and helping me in mine.”
- Pam Houck, Pastor's wife. Cornerstone E-Free in Richmond, VA

Food for the Hungry

“I encourage you to strongly consider getting your church to host a A Praying Life seminar. The material, with writings from Paul Miller, Bob Allums, and David Powlison, teaches us to relate to God out of sonship and familial standing and out of our weakness with authenticity and humility. This isn't a canned method, but a journey of reflection and a posture of relationship. It's outstanding! And I am a cynical, sinful man, so take this seriously. I have utilized several things from this seminar in the past few weeks and it's made a big difference on my personal time with Christ.”
- Bo White, Food for the Hungry in Phoenix, AZ

Presbyterian (PCA)

“Bob’s passion for Christ and the gospel, his love for people, his enthusiastic spirit, and his gifts for teaching and encouragement make him unusually qualified for this work…”
- Ted Powers, Presbyterian Church in America
“This seminar was a powerful illustration of how prayer ought to be interlaced throughout my life. After years of spiritual stagnation, I feel that the reorientation of my mind to prayer will renew and revive my prayer life and cause me to see the Father's work in my life more prominently. Paul Miller is a gifted master reacher, illustrator and communicator.”
- David Noble, Small Group Leader at New Hope Presbyterian, Training Analyst for the US Navy
“Bob has such excitement and exudes such love for people [as he teaches A Praying Life]. I felt his joy emanate throughout the room. At our women’s retreat, the women really picked up on it. Personally, the thing I came away with is that God is interested not only in the major events in my life, but also in the smallest, most mundane details.”
- Dr. Susan Winters, Spring Valley Presbyterian Church
“I was especially taken with the idea of prayer being a story to be followed and watched as it unfolds – great image!”
- Dick Albaugh, Naperville Presbyterian Church, Naperville, IL
“A special thanks to Paul Miller who so graciously opened God’s word and his life that we might be enticed… compelled… encouraged… by the SPIRIT to live a life of prayer. THANK YOU, BROTHER.”
- Mike Hollenbach, Associate Pastor at New Life Dresher, Dresher, PA
“Two things resonated with me. First, as one who by training and in my personal life has a mindset of solving problems… …Jesus’ prayer times were so encouraging to me. If Jesus prayed to the Father for 'connectedness,' how much more should I be seeing my prayer in that same way. As an individual who puts a premium on self-sufficiency, that reminder was humbling for me as I have a tendency to pray in outline form to the Lord because of my understanding that God knows all of my needs and issues and He is going to reign sovereign over all such issues regardless of my prayer. To see and be reminded of the extent to which Jesus prayed was powerful. The second point that was especially meaningful to me involved the discussion of praying like a child. The times when I feel most in communion with the Lord are when I am desperate, facing family situations that seem beyond my ability to do anything. I just lay it out for God and feel real honest in my prayer for these matters. Other than those desperate situations, for most things, my prayer life could fairly be described as one where I have an outline that I approach with and I raised those points in summary form to my heavenly Father – almost as if I am making a speech or presentation. Hearing the discussion of Friday night and then thinking about my seven-year-old and how she speaks with me (and how I delight in it) and how she prays to the Lord, I was struck by how honest my daughter's communication is with me and with God in her prayer and how that should be the hallmark of my communication with my heavenly Father. Adding to that the point that a child jumps from subject to subject back and forth – and this is OK – freed me to do that same in my prayer.”
- George Priestly, Attorney, Member at New Life Dresher, Dresher, PA
“I am eager to share what I learned with the ladies in my Bible Study . . . asking as a child-remembering God is my Father and that I can change things up as the Spirit leads. I am excited about prayer for the first time in a long time.”
- D. Ward – Grace Community Church, Charlotteville, VA

Southern Baptist

A Praying Life Study is a fresh look at prayer the way God intended it to be. Paul Miller does a great job freeing you from the hang ups that we all have about our prayer lives or the lack there of. Jesus modeled it and Paul has unpacked it for us in a way that gives hope and courage that we can have the kind of prayer life that every Christian desperately needs.”
- Craig McClain, Director of Single Adults, Henderson Hills Baptist Church, Edmond, OK

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