How the Five Units Work

mainImage_InvitationThe Person of Jesus Study is divided into 5 units:

  • 1 Compassion (Lessons 1-11)
  • 2 Honesty (Lessons 12-20)
  • 3 Dependence on God (Lessons 21-30)
  • 4 Faith (Lessons 31-37)
  • 5 The Passion (Lessons 38-48)

Each of these units builds on the previous unit, but is also designed to stand alone.

How the Units Work Together

Love begins with Compassion (Unit 1). We cannot love without seeing and incarnating. Yet compassion without honesty is fluff. Enter in Unit 2: Honesty. But how do you know when to show compassion and when to be honest? This question sets the stage for Unit 3: Dependence on God. Living a life of dependence on God increases our discernment and obedience, but where do we find the energy for love? Unit 4: Faith explores this. Unit 5 is the culmination of Love: The Passion. Here we look at love up close: a journey downward to the valley of suffering and death, then onto sweet, sweet victory – grounding all our hope, and reason for loving in the resurrection.

How You Could Use Them Separately

  • Exploring Prayer? Use Unit 3
  • Preparing for Lent? Use Unit 5
  • Discipling someone to be truthful? Unit 2
  • Beginning Marriage Counseling? Unit 1
  • Teaching on Suffering? Unit 5
  • Dealing with Control Issues? Unit 4

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