Love Walked Among Us

The Book that Compliments the Person of Jesus Study

Click to download the Person of Jesus and Love Walked Among Us comparison chartLove Walked Among Us matches the content of the Person of Jesus Leader's Manual. Each lesson's summary in the manual notes the corresponding chapter of Love Walked Among Us.

Written for seekers and Christians, this book is an invitation to the church to become like Jesus, and to the world to see Jesus. To encourage use of the book for evangelism, we sell it for $8.99 per book (35% off the retail price) for orders of 10 or more.

The book can be used in several ways with the study:

  • Help the leader understand the study. The book expands the detail behind the lessons. Reading the book will also help you understand the breadth of what you will be teaching about Jesus and love. You will better understand how your own repentance as a leader can open the door for others to change.
  • Help participants review. They read a particular chapter after completing the corresponding lesson(s). Review and repetition increase learning.
  • Follow-up Gift. It is a mini-version of the study for people to keep; a great gift, especially for seekers.
  • Invitation Gift. If people are nervous about participating in a study, you can lend the book to them so they will have an idea of what you will be studying.
  • Late-comers. People can catch up by reading the chapters that match the lessons they have missed.

This guide is written for all studies. For seeker studies, please additionally refer to the Leader's Guide.


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