Invitations to a Person of Jesus Study

“Wow, I'm nearly 70 years old, and this is
the first time someone has asked me to a
Bible study!”

- a participant from California

Imagine you were single and a man asked you, after a five-minute conversation, “Will you marry me?” You’d probably freak out no matter how attractive he was! On the other hand, if he asked you to dinner you might say “yes.” Instinctively we know relationships take time. Trust doesn’t build quickly, especially in a world where things like wedding vows don’t mean much.

Isn't it odd, while we wouldn't rush an acquaintance into marriage, we can be tempted to rush people into the kingdom? I think we do this, because we forget that a relationship with Jesus is simply that—a relationship. Just like any other relationship it needs time to grow. As the bond of relationships, trust cannot be rushed, or even demanded. It is a gift always: it is gift to receive trust, and a gift to extend it.

So when you invite friends and neighbors, ask them, “Would you want to study Jesus – to see how he related to people as a model for us?” Share with them a very short story of something concrete you learned about love from studying Jesus. Steer away from the words “Bible study.” That's scary for many people. Let them know they don't even have to pray! And start small. One date. One “taster” evening of a Jesus study. 

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