The endorsements below are organized by denomination and ministries.

Campus Ministries

“It’s really all about who is Jesus? If you see who He is, then you can see everything else.”

- Baguma, Ugandan student, Person of Jesus participant at Hood College


“The Person of Jesus is the best material I have been exposed to for getting to know Jesus personally.”

- Marion "Bo" Bohanan, Deputy National Director-Operational Ministries, Military Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ



“I sense that I am having a hard time lately because I am making the transition from being a Sunday church goer to being a follower of Jesus.”

- Elizabeth Cole, Person of Jesus participant

Evangelical Free

“I was energized by the inductive method. I had forgotten how powerful it was! The emphasis on Jesus' compassion and honesty was a particularly helpful insight for me. The discussion of the passion was outstanding—a fresh, new way of seeing these discourses.”

- Jim Makowski, West Shore Evangelical Free Church


“Sitting in one session of the Person of Jesus seminar confronted me in seeing Jesus as present in his love. This seminar takes faith out of mere pietistic feelings and makes of faith an identification of solidarity with Jesus in life.”

- Myron Augsburger, President & Professor Emeritus, Eastern Mennonite University


“I loved the opportunity to practice teaching the model presented. Curriculum is great! The teacher is gifted. Great need in the church to teach believers how to simply lead a study of Jesus. The focus on Christ's ministry on earth—examining the Scriptures so closely—is food for the soul and water for the thirsty.”

- Margaret Skinner, Administrative Assistant, Calvary Church, Souderton, PA


“Grace, sonship, repentance and adoption have been a major refreshment to me over the years. Even in believing churches, it's often not the first thing you see. So it's very refreshing to see again and in more detail how the gospel underlies prayer."

- Don Spooner, Church of the Savior, Wayne PA


“I came in with the expectations of learning new Bible study materials for current belivers, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a 'right-brain' relational approach of reaching non-believers! Thanks.”

- Dan & Tina Ying, Northshore Chinese Christian


“I loved the slowed down teaching of a passage - so you could actually savor every word and come away with a 'real life' encounter with the person of Jesus.”

- Ruth Worth, Women's Small Group Leader, Jacksonville Chapel, Lincoln Park, NJ

Presbyterian (OPC)

“Excited to have a way to present the Gospel winsomely. 55 years a Christian…newly in love with Jesus…Thank you.”

- Allen and Sharon Duble, Rock Creek Fellowship, Lookout Mountain, GA

Presbyterian (PCA)

“As a pastor I find myself scared to death of talking to non-Christians. I am grateful for this material that not only gives me an avenue but shows me the compassion and love Jesus has for the lost.”

- Leonard Bailey, Pastor, Redeemer Church, Raleigh, NC


“The interactive study on the life of Jesus made Him come alive in a way I have rarely seen or heard. ...the church treats Jesus as a theory to believe in rather than a person to love, trust and eventually worship. This material helps us to make that transition in a clear and robust way.”

- Jim Bates, Pastor of Small Groups, Faith Reformed PCA, Quarryville, PA


“My wife and I have a ministry to people going through divorce. We wanted some way to present Christ in addition to addressing anger, depression, legal help…I think we found it.”

- Jack Hudson, Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Annapolis, MD


“It took a session or two to get through to me, but I see the point. I am not at all like Jesus, yet am totally drawn to Him more. I was undone in a marvelous way.”

- Mick Leary, Pastor and Church Planter, Homer, NY


“I was encouraged and challenged to think about Jesus and worship Him. I was struck with His life and how it is so much fuller than my concept of living. We love this curriculum and are encouraged by how God is revealing Himself through it. The exciting thing is watching both Christians and non-Christians, religious and irreligious be awe struck with the word and actions of Christ.”

- Todd Naille, Walnut Creek Presbyterian, Gahanna, Ohio


“I now have Jesus in my heart.”

- Pryja, Muslim-background believer, Person of Jesus participant


“This sounds silly, although I always loved Jesus, now I also like him.”

- Bobbi Rush, Faith Presbyterian Church, Quarryville, PA

Presbyterian (PC-USA)

“I received much of a B-12 shot and will be rethinking how I teach; I plan to bring the focus of the ministry back to the love and person of Jesus and away from some of the other peripheral things that have gotten me off track.”

- Bob Fair, Supplee Presbyterian Church, PA

Southern Baptist

“The seeJesus seminar has been a real blessing to me. Besides taking me deeper into the life of Christ, it led me to a greater understanding of leading a small group study. I look forward to using this study to teach both believers and unbelievers. I will be telling my fellow ministers about this.”

- Walt Hatch, Harbor Christian Fellowship, Las Vegas NV


“The Person of Jesus format fits a style that is a heart felt desire of this 20’s, 30’s generation….the interactive style is timeless but your resource timely!”

- Don Munton, Single Adult Minister, Houston’s First Baptist Church, TX


“I want to express my appreciation for this material and seminar. It has helped our people to be better teachers. Las Vegas is 95% lost and our people are often new Christians. These materials helped them learn to be interactive and strong in practical application. Ways to improve their teaching abilities are very welcome and appreciated.”

- Dr. Jon Murchison, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Las Vegas, NV


“I am so excited about the content of the Person of Jesus and the interactive style in which it is taught. The conference and the study made Jesus three-dimensional and provoked me to marvel at His beautiful complexity.”

- Ramon Presson, Singles Pastor at Brentwood Baptist Church, Brentwood, TN


“The Person of Jesus study is probably the best written and planned out material I have ever come across, and I am currently using it in my department with great success. The material is relevant and has a tremendous amount of application built-in throughout the lessons. The material also has a lot of depth and facts for those who want to go deep. Paul Miller, seeJesus and especially the Person of Jesus have my highest recommendation.”

- Robbie Schwandt, Single Adults Pastor, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Houston, TX


“I will often be asked to lead some type of neighborhood outreach Bible study and have had the opportunity on several occasions to use your material. It has been great. I appreciate so much your humility and hard work to produce this type of curriculum. It helps me to have something like this in my arsenal to use rather than always creating my own stuff. Your material exposes people to Jesus in an accessible way. People, I am convinced, want to know more about Him, but are often intimidated by Bible study— it seems so archaic and intellectual. Your material is anything but that.”

- Mike Donahue, Baltimore Area Director of Search MinistriesV

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