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The Commitment for Apprentices

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Becoming a seeJesus Apprentice is a two-year commitment. It involves:

  • Being a disciple of Christ, following him daily, and cultivating a teachable and humble heart. Download the Jesus Pledge.
  • A task: teaching from the Person of Jesus Leader's Manual twice a month, in a small or large group setting. In doing this, we require one serious attempt to either include seeker(s) in this setting or lead a Person of Jesus study for seekers. Not only will you enjoy seeing your study (re)discover Jesus, you will get to know Jesus as well. That’s the point. You can’t be like Jesus if you don’t know what he is like.
  • Joining a Fellowship, a cohort of five people, led by a seeJesus Trainer. You’ll meet monthly for 1 ½ hours, either in person or by conference call for encouragement, accountability, and training. Annually, you will participate in Small Group Leader Training at a Jesus Weekend.
  • Further study: reading Love Walked Among Us, listening to 32 Love Course lessons, and doing the study or seminar A Praying Life.
  • A mission: making one overseas trip to train either missionaries or national believers in using the Person of Jesus study. Because of schedule constraints, while this mission trip is strongly encouraged, it is optional.


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