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The Commitment for Trainers

Download the Jesus Pledge

Being a Trainer involves:

  • Being a disciple of Christ, following him daily, and cultivating a teachable and humble heart. Download the Jesus Pledge.
  • Joining a cohort of five other Trainers, led by the Director of seeJesus Trainers. You’ll meet monthly for one and a half hours, either in person or via conference call, for encouragement, accountability, and training.
  • Teaching from the Person of Jesus Leader's Manual twice a month, in a small or large group setting. We also require one serious attempt to either include seeker(s) in this setting or lead a Person of Jesus study for seekers.
  • Leading a cohort of five seeJesus Partners. This involves: 
    • Minimally, meeting monthly as a cohort for 1 ½ hours (either in person or via conference call) for encouragement, accountability and training. 
    • Helping people implement seeJesus materials into their lives and ministry.
    • Co-leading Small Group Leader Training at an annual Jesus Weekend for your cohort. Leading with another Trainer allows you to learn from one another and enriches the learning experience for the participants. The time commitment will be 2 ½ days. This includes a special 5 hour pre-conference training.
    • Facilitating a mission. You will make one overseas trip with your cohort or partial cohort. 
    • Praying daily for seeJesus Partners.

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