How Jesus Became a Missing Person, Part 1

How Jesus Became a Missing Person, Part 1

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“When it comes to repentance and holiness, it’s almost like we’re good at the dying—at sin identification—but the resurrection, the beauty formation, is weak. If we don’t have a vision of the person of Jesus, then our beauty formation is without content. It just ends up being good or being nice.”

"Why is this glowing diamond sitting at the center of our faith, the person of Jesus, so hidden?"

“Repentance and faith are absolutely critical to the Christian life. But sometimes it can feel like an endless idol hunt, like if you’re really a devoted Christian, you’re always seeking deeper recesses of your heart. In some ways, that is true, but if that’s not balanced out by a positive vision of the image of Jesus being imprinted on me, then it actually is kind of depressing. As you become more like Christ, you’re constantly looking out, so you don’t get so self-entangled. At the heart of love is a self-forgetfulness.”

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