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The ministry of A Praying Church—book, podcast, seminars, and cohorts—aims to bring the Spirit of Jesus back to the center of the church.

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Hear stories of how pastors and church leaders are rethinking ministry and applying ideas A Praying Church.

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Bring the Spirit back to the center of your community and watch him enliven the world’s most powerful Spiritual force—the everyday saints around you. This seminar, from the people who brought you the A Praying Life seminar, will give you a vision for and practical experience in praying as a community.

Together, we’ll survey praying communities through the ages and into today and discover what—or who—makes them work. We’ll use tools like the prayer menu and the prayer pyramid to explore the how to's of praying together, building our practical skills as we build our understanding. The goal of A Praying Church seminar is nothing less than to awaken the sleeping giant, the church, in our midst!

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"I was never planning on becoming a praying pastor and I was never planning on leading a praying church. But now, because of my limitations, I feel like I haven’t got a choice… and I’m so very grateful for this mercy."

--Kieran Carr (Cottesloe, Australia)

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