seeJesus School

Seeing Jesus and Becoming Like Him in All of Life

The seeJesus School disciples believers and equips them to disciple others by focusing on the person of Jesus, the path of Jesus (J-Curve), and the Spirit of Jesus (prayer).

The seeJesus School is divided into three, 9-week trimesters. Each trimester begins with a seminar followed by 8 weekly small group meetings, called “Tables.”

What People Are Saying

Before seeJesus School, I often over-complicated loving people. I find that now, when I’m with people, I’m allowing my day to be interrupted more. As I spend time with people, I look at them and listen to them and wait for the Holy Spirit to prompt me on what to say. There’s a freedom in the way that I love people now that I didn’t have before.

Through this new lens of seeing the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus there’s an immense amount of hope and comfort. I wish I’d learned this a long time ago, because this shift allows me to enter into suffering—even just the daily monotonous suffering that isn’t as big of a deal. It frees me up to be able to experience that with meaning and purpose that I didn’t have before.


  • Trimester 1: The Spirit of Jesus

    Growing attentive to the story God is writing as we pray in step with the Spirit.

  • Trimester 2: The Person of Jesus

    Enjoying the glowing center of our faith empowers us to love like him.

  • Trimester 3: The Path of Jesus

    Believing and becoming like the Gospel as we die and rise with him in everyday life.

Learning Environments

  • Individual Study

    Every participant will be responsible to read 3 books (A Praying Life, Love Walked Among Us, J-Curve). Additional homework will include the creation and use of prayer cards, listening to podcast episodes and practical life application assignments.

  • Tables

    Weekly meetings in which a Table leader facilitates a discussion of the reading and homework assignments.

  • Seminars

    Each trimester is launched by a 2-hour seminar that is taught by trained leaders in-person or via video. Seminars are interactive trainings that prepare all participants for ensuing table meetings. 


Be PrayerfulThe ultimate goal of this school is not knowledge but genuine heart change. This happens only by the power of the Spirit, so prayer is vital. Make it a goal to pray your prayer cards daily, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Be TeachableBe open to the ways that God wants to grow you. At times, he may call you to greater dependence, immediate obedience or humble repentance. Be ready to respond to his leading. 

Be HonestBe genuine with God and with others at your Table. You don’t need to be perfect; you just need to be real. 

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