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See Jesus Workshop uniquely blends spiritual nourishment with personalized instruction in leading a small group. The course is set up like a small group, where everyone is an involved learner. Each participant prepares one lesson beforehand, gets focused feedback from a seeJesus Trainer, then teaches the lesson to a small group.

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What People Are Saying

“Loved the material! Simply explained, so it's easy to understand but at the same time, each lesson went deep and really made me think of these stories in a more real way. The stories really came alive.”

Chelsea Knechel

“Challenging seminar that exceeded my hopes. The trainer gave wonderful, encouraging, insightful feedback.”

Mark Andrake

"It is like sitting at Jesus' feet for five hours! Each study is centered on rediscovering the person of Jesus and the gospel. People really do see Jesus and are amazed."

Maggie Snyder

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a See Jesus Workshop?

A See Jesus Workshop is an intensive 6-to-8-hour training that teaches Trainees to lead a seeJesus interactive Bible study effectively. We use the seeJesus The Person of Jesus study as our template for this seminar. 

Workshops can be held in person at a host church or online.

What is The Person of Jesus Study?

  • The study is a 48-lesson immersion in the gospels focusing on what Jesus is like as a person. The study is particularly adapted to seekers but is deep and life-changing for mature believers as well.
  • The text of the Scripture is the primary or only text. The questions from the leader direct participants back into the Word.
  • The lessons, which bring participants right into the scene of biblical times and into the life of Jesus, are convicting, challenging, and inspiring.  Most of all, these studies are practical and transforming as participants learn what a loving life looks like and how they, too, can be empowered to love.
  • The lessons are self-contained, and no homework is required. However, participants will come away with life-changing truths. 

What is unique about interactive Bible study?

  • Participants discover truths for themselves. Thoughtfully constructed questions help participants to discover for themselves the key ideas and applications in each lesson. Participants remember the content of the lessons because they are discovering the key ideas for themselves. 
  • Interactive study facilitates community. Participants come to know one another as they share meaningfully and learn together. The Bible comes alive. Jesus speaks to us through His Word.

How could a Workshop benefit my church?

This workshop equips even someone with minimal experience to lead highly effective Bible studies that disciple participants in the core passions of Christianity: the person of Jesus, the gospel, faith and love, so that participants become like Jesus. 

If your church holds regular workshops, within a couple of years 25% of the congregation could be equipped to lead effective small groups. Other benefits:

  • A small group becomes a discipling center, where people grow in their faith.
  • Church members are equipped to bring seekers into the kingdom and to lead effective Bible studies in their neighborhoods and workplaces.

How does the Workshop work?

  • Each Trainee is emailed his/her lesson a week prior to the training. They are also given written instructions on how to prepare.
  • During the first session (the Prep Session), a seeJesus Trainer leads a POJ lesson and goes over the essentials of leading an interactive Bible study.  After that, seeJesus Trainers work with groups of Trainees, all who are leading the same lesson. The Trainer gives feedback as Trainees lead a portion of the lesson, interrupting as needed to give helpful suggestions or clarification.  
  • During the following session(s), each Trainee leads a portion of his/her lesson for 40 minutes in a small group with 2-3 other Trainees and other participants. When finished, the group members will be asked to share the impact of the lesson or the sharing from the other members of their group on their love for or hope in Jesus. Following the spiritual reflection and prayer, Trainees are evaluated by the seeJesus Trainer. 

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites! However, the Trainees will be emailed their lessons a week prior to the training and should prepare as instructed before the first session of the workshop.

Who should attend a Workshop?

Anyone who is interested in learning about seeJesus interactive Bible studies and how to lead them. You may attend in one of two capacities:

  • Trainee – try your hand at leading a lesson after instruction.  Trainees will have several hours of preparation work before the workshop
  • Participant – an active member of the small groups in which the lessons are lead.