"I'll Never Do This Again!": How the J-Curve Helps

"I'll Never Do This Again!": How the J-Curve Helps

This episode begins a new series on Paul's latest book, J-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life. In this video, Paul and Kim share the same story Paul tells on his own at the start of this podcast (you'll see how Kim helps bring the story to life!). 

“The American church is like me at the back of the plane, at many levels, thinking everything has gone wrong. And part of what has gone wrong is that we don’t really have any teaching on dying and rising with Jesus."

"We’re missing a significant piece of Christianity."

"One of the difficulties of suffering of any kind is that it is disorienting. You lose your way. It feels devoid of meaning. What the J-Curve does is bring hope to it, because dying is not the last word, and it gives you a toolkit of what to do when you find yourself in a patch of suffering.

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