In-Harvard vs In-Christ

In-Harvard vs In-Christ

This episode continues our series on the J-Curve, looking at what it means to be "in Christ."

“My sister Rosanne got into Wellesley College up in the Boston area and she came back on Thanksgiving vacation and said, 'Paul you could get into Harvard.' She didn't have to say that twice. I heard that once and I was planning my life..."

We are all "in" something. "In Christ" is mystical, but it’s remarkably unmystical as well.

"If you teach justification by faith and the atonement separate from this really rich idea that that I am in koinonia with Jesus then you answer the question at the beginning of Romans 6 badly. The answer in Romans 6 to the problem of selfishness and the Christian life is that our union with Christ is an embodiment in which we continually reenact His life of love, and that leads to suffering and a life of repentance."

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