Leadership and Prayer

Leadership and Prayer

This episode is the fourth and final in our mini-series on Leadership.

"One of my primary tasks as a leader is to create, foster and encourage a praying community and then my second task is to be a praying leader myself."

"The heart of it is not the discipline of praying but the awareness that the Spirit of Jesus sits at the center of all Jesus' work."

 "There’s a big difference between having a leader standing in the middle of a circle holding a big torch and everyone looking to that person for direction and the idea that we all gather around this big bonfire of the Spirit including the leader. For everyone to look at the leader creates dependence, and the leader is eventually going to die or retire. So to gather around this “campfire” of the Spirit creates enormous future confidence. As a leader, you're binding people to something that's so much better than you. I see myself then very self-consciously as the friend of the bridegroom."

If you'd like to hear more about how to cultivate a praying community, join us for A Praying Church on November 13-14.