Praying Under Quarantine

Praying Under Quarantine

This is the second episode in a new series called Hope and Direction in a Time of Crisis. These episodes will be excerpted from free webinars hosted by Paul Miller and conversation partners Jon Hori and Liz Voboril. To view upcoming webinars, visit

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“One of the tendencies that we have as believers is to edit our prayers to get them all balanced and it can freeze people. There's a real beauty in beginning with what's on your heart. It doesn't mean that doesn't have to be reshaped and grown, but you've got begin with what's on your heart."

"The gospel gives us permission to be ourselves. That doesn't mean that ourselves don't need some work, we all know that, but it lets us sort of relax."

"I've likened this tendency to a kind of a perfectionism with prayer to creating an avatar. You create a spiritual being that you aren't and try to get that person to pray right. When you're no longer yourself, as messy as you may be, then you can't connect with God because it's not the real you connecting with the real God."