The Fog of Love

The Fog of Love

This episode is the seventh in a series called "Forming a J-Curve Community," based on Part 5 of Paul's book J-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life.

"All of God’s principles aren’t enough—God needs to be at the center of his principles. What does that look like? That’s the Spirit."

"I’ve got this map, and I’ve got my goal on my journey, but I need the guide."

"I’m at the edge of the story. I’m self-consciously realizing that I’m not in charge of the story. It might look like it on paper, but I know in fact that I’m at the edge. It’s like I’m body-surfing and waiting I’m for a wave to catch. I know I can’t create the wave, and I need for a wave to come."

Click here to download the chart that Paul and company talk through as they contrast the wisdom of the world and the wisdom of the cross in how to navigate this story.