The Widow of Nain

The Widow of Nain

We’re beginning a new series that will look at Jesus as a person, and along the way, we’re picking up on some themes that go back to our earliest episodes. This week, we explain a bit about the back story of this series and talk about what we see in Jesus in the story of the widow of Nain in Luke 7.

"It was in reading this story my thinking and awareness of Jesus as a person first began to open up. As I was reading this, a little light went off and I thought, 'Now, wait a minute. In the prodigal son, doesn’t something similar happen when Jesus describes how the father greets the prodigal son? And where the father looks and sees the son on the horizon, feels compassion and then acts?' And then I thought, 'Wait a minute, isn’t that also in the good Samaritan too?' "

"Looking is not insignificant – in the Hebrew mind, all action begins with looking."

"This attentiveness to a person that we see in Jesus leads to a tenderness with people. Jesus is not a miracle machine. He’s not a justification by faith robot. He’s showing us how to be human." Watch this video to hear more about how Paul learned to love by watching Jesus.

If you’re interested in going deeper into the material we discussed today, look at lesson one of Unit 1, The Person of Jesus: Compassion. Learn more at