Chinese House Churches Studying "The Person of Jesus"

Chinese House Churches Studying "The Person of Jesus"

When Jon heard that a large Chinese church was planning to study The Person of Jesus in their home groups this year—700 people in about 20 groups — he was thrilled. Jon recently led an online See Jesus Workshop to train this pastor and other Chinese and Nepalese leaders. The church began their study and shared this feedback after the first lesson:

First, such a careful examination of a passage of scripture is very impressive, and may not be forgotten for a lifetime. Second, the subject really refreshed the usual understanding...I gained a new perspective on the scriptures. Third, the setting of some questions is ‘imaginative’, which can lead people to reconstruct the scripture scene and enter the age of Jesus and ancient Israel vividly. In short, everyone is full of freshness and expectations for this year’s Bible study!

And from another leader:

I didn’t expect there to be so much content in such a simple passage. Everyone responded very positively and participated with enthusiasm....We discovered that we actually don’t understand love at all. When Jesus gave the son to the widow, brothers and sisters also saw how often our own service is actually unholy and full of selfishness. Thank the Lord for letting us see the truth about ourselves, and thank the Lord for letting us see Jesus.

This work would not be possible without the quiet love of Sunny Zhang who translated every seeJesus resource into Chinese, enabling us to place PDFs of the translated resources on a Chinese language webpage where they can be accessed by anyone free of charge.

From widow of Nain lesson in Chinese

Join us in giving thanks for Sunny’s work and our friends in China. Pray for our brothers and sisters to see the beauty of Jesus and grow in his likeness through the study!

Author: Liz Voboril