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by Paul E. Miller

The Person of Jesus, Unit 1: Compassion Leader's Manual

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Where could a study of love begin but with Jesus—love personified? The Person of Jesus, a five-part small group study, slowly introduces a Jesus so personal, so rich in love, that we are captivated heart-first. Paul Miller’s winsome insights—conveyed through an energetic, interactive format—lead people to discover Jesus’ beauty for themselves. In Unit One, Compassion, we watch Jesus interact with people to discover the three steps of love: to look, feel compassion, and act. In watching Jesus, we find our eyes opened to a rich encounter with God’s love and our hearts empowered to love others. A new, supplemental leader's slide deck is also available to make this interactive study easier than ever to lead. 

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    The Person of Jesus, Unit 1: Compassion Leader&
    The Person of Jesus, Unit 1: Compassion Leader&

    What Others are Saying

    Our hold on the four stories of the person of Jesus has been weak. We don't have a good handle on who our Lord is: how he treats people, how he feels, how he reacts to people, how he times his interactions. Paul Miller's study sits at the feet of Jesus and looks at how he lives and speaks.

    David Powlison, Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation

    Person of Jesus is the best material I have been exposed to for getting to know Jesus personally.

    Marion "Bo" Bohanan, Deputy National Director-Operational Ministries, Military Ministry of Cru

    This sounds silly, although I always loved Jesus, now I also like him.

    Bobbi Rush, Faith Presbyterian Church, (Quarryville, PA)

    It took a session or two to get through to me, but I see the point. I am not at all like Jesus, yet am totally drawn to Him more. I was undone in a marvelous way.

    Mick Leary, Pastor and Church Planter (Homer, NY)