Ministries Director

Bob Loker


Bob Loker loves witnessing the “aha” moment (el ¡ajá! momento), whether he’s leading an A Praying Life Seminar in Purcellville, VA or teaching Person of Jesus to Mayan children in Guatemala. Bob—who speaks English and Spanish—grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico and spent seventeen years working for the U.S. Government at embassies in Ecuador, Uruguay, and Panama before settling in Virginia with his wife, Becky. Bob recently retired after twenty years as president and co-owner of Shaia Oriental Rugs of Williamsburg.

Bob and Becky, who met in high school, were married for 47 years and had three daughters and nine grandchildren. After a courageous battle with cancer, Becky—herself a huge supporter of seeJesus—passed away in 2009. Bob, who has now led groups through seeJesus materials in Colombia, Guatemala, Peru and the US, reflects: “Becky would have loved to be doing what I am doing now.” 

Bob loves biking and kayaking and lives in Purcellville, VA, with a daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter. 

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