Southwest Trainer

Donna Kaplan

Donna Kaplan, seeJesus’ Southwest Trainer, has been involved in discipleship for more than 20 years. Donna is part of the team behind the seeJesus School, a discipleship pathway used by churches to help their disciples gain the mind of Christ. Donna leads a large School at Ironwood Church (Mesa, AZ) and helps the team more broadly. Donna has a special emphasis on women, discipling them and training them to disciple others using seeJesus materials. She explains: “Discipleship has always been the beat of my heart and seeJesus discipleship has captured my heart, passion and life’s calling. I am passionate about helping others connect to God through prayer, to know and love Jesus as a Person, and to follow Jesus in self-sacrificial love by dying and rising with him.” Donna and her husband Jeff have three children and live outside Phoenix, AZ.