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Felicia Grandinette


Felicia Grandinette completed three years of study in Special Education before starting her family. When she returned to the classroom eighteen years later, the world of education had changed—and so had Felicia. She finished her degree in Adult and Organizational Development, unsure of where the Lord was leading.

As she had done for years, Felicia continued to serve in her church’s disability ministry—never dreaming it would lead to her vocation. As she reflects on her journey to Bethesda, Felicia explains, “Now I feel that I am exactly where God has called me to be.”

Felicia has led or spoken at youth retreats, women’s events, and a wide variety of disability ministry trainings. She treasures each opportunity to speak on behalf of those with special needs. “Knowing we are a part of bringing people to God who have been forgotten, marginalized, and shunned is surely a blessing,” she reflects. Felicia and her husband Brian have five children, four grandchildren, and live in Perkasie, PA, where they are known for their bountiful summer garden and luminous winter Christmas lights.

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