For the Joy Set Before Us

In Their Own Words

seeJesus has been part of my life for the last 18 years. I have been through Discipling by Grace 6 times, being an attendee as well as a leader. This study explains the gospel in a very simple way. You would think I would have "gotten it" by now, but Discipling by Grace has taught me that my flesh is so thick that God is peeling it away one layer at a time. And I am so thankful for that!

Deanna Bayless (Lakeland, FL)

“During the most challenging season of my life, I joined a Person of Jesus study without knowing too much about it. I encountered an extraordinary and diverse group of women united in their pursuit of understanding and emulating Jesus. POJ is introducing me to parts of Jesus I didn’t previously know and making me fall even more in love with Him and putting me on mission to love others like He did and does! It’s been a place of healing and transformation for me and I am already so passionate about sharing it with others!”

Jill Green (Lakeland, FL)

seeJesus materials activate curiosity. Participants get permission to take risks in thinking about the Bible in new ways as they get to know Jesus. The interactive Q & A style encourages everyone in the room to think out loud and discover, creating a learning environment that is so exciting.

Laura McCaulley (Lakeland, FL)

Watching Jesus love people helps us learn to love. Seminary trained me in theology, but it didn’t necessarily train me in how to move toward people with love. These studies do that.

Drew Bennett (Winter Haven, FL)

I have been a Christian for over 30 years, and consider myself to be pretty familiar with the Bible from attending and leading inductive discussion Bible studies, but I learned to see Jesus in a whole new way, noticing details about his loving ways that I had never seen in the Scriptures before.

Ruth Ann Irwin

Our hold on the four stories of the person of Jesus has been weak. We don't have a good handle on who our Lord is: how he treats people, how he feels, how he reacts to people, how he times his interactions. The Person of Jesus study sits at the feet of Jesus and looks at how he lives and speaks. 

David Powlison, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation

Person of Jesus is the best material I have been exposed to for getting to know Jesus personally.

Marion "Bo" Bohanan, Deputy National Director-Operational Ministries, Military Ministry of Cru

This sounds silly, although I always loved Jesus, after going through Person of Jesus, I also like him.

Bobbi Rush, Faith Presbyterian Church, (Quarryville, PA)

Who We Are

seeJesus creates discipleship tools and trains people in how to use them. Each of our tools is designed to equip the church to boldly live as his ambassadors in the world today, from Polk County to the ends of the earth. Meet the people who make up seeJesus.

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What Is an Interactive Bible Study?

Meet Paul Miller

Paul Miller founded global discipling mission seeJesus in 1999 to help Christians and non-Christians alike "see Jesus."

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