Spanish World Trainer

Miguel Rivera

Chilean pastor Miguel Rivera was introduced to seeJesus in 2010, during a period of extended sickness. “It was as if Jesus, through his teaching and the seeJesus trainer, put his eyes on me and gave me rest.”

Seven years later, Miguel has led twenty Spanish seminars for seeJesus in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, and the United States. Currently the senior pastor of a Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) church in southern Chile, Miguel has a passion for missions and discipleship. He treasures the opportunity to serve the Lord, to build his kingdom, and to be in relationship with people whom he can show the love of Jesus. His work as a volunteer trainer for seeJesus continues to afford him new opportunities.  

Friends jokingly call Miguel “The Boss,” since he’s always dreaming up new ideas, new plans, and new visions for the future. Miguel and his wife, Ivonne, have two grown daughters and live in Villarrica, Chile, on the shores of the lake and near a volcano of the same name. Miguel has also written books on prayer and fasting and hosted a TV show focused on discipleship as well as conferences on leadership and church development. 

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