Timo Strawbridge

At 6’10,” Timo Strawbridge commands attention when he walks into a room. But the Director of Spiritual Life at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Lakeland actually gets a little uncomfortable when leading a group of over 50 people.

That doesn’t mean that Timo doesn’t love teaching and leading. On the contrary, he has been joyfully facilitating one Person of Jesus study almost continuously since 2002—a record among our trainers. He’s also participated in over 100 seeJesus events, leading 6-8 See Jesus Workshops each year for the past few years. Timo watches for the unique “aha” moment every time he teaches. “Each one is differently worshipful,” he explains. 

In addition to his work with Trinity and seeJesus, Timo is also a missionary to his county, Polk County. Timo and his wife, Tina, have been married for 30 years, have one daughter, and live in Lakeland, FL.