Foot-washing and the Perfection of Love (John 13)

Foot-washing and the Perfection of Love (John 13)

In this episode, we conclude our study of John 13 by looking at the theme of perfection.

“One of the things we’ve mentioned in our look at the foot-washing is how John lists seven steps. By listing seven steps, John is telling us that this was perfect. And I love that because we all long for perfection, for happily ever after. We want the story to end well. But yet, particularly with love, it often feels so messy.

"You will only get to know Jesus as you wash feet regularly." 

“If I were Jesus, I would have a leper eradication program in Israel. And he doesn’t! He heals a lot of lepers, but he definitely has not been to American business school. There’s this communion with his heavenly Father that is shaping his call to love, and that allows him to flex with how he loves outwardly."

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