Paul Confronts Tribalism

Paul Confronts Tribalism

If you'd like to get an email each time we add an episode, sign up here. This episode is the second in a new series called "Forming a J-Curve Community," based on Part 5 of Paul's book, J-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life.

“What we’re going to look at is the very first problem Paul tackles in Corinthians 1, and it’s the problem of tribalism…. They’re starting denominations, but they’re about 1500 years too early!"

"Because my tribe is Jesus, I can enter every tribe. But I don't have to be captured by the tribal narrative they have."

"A tribe creates a virtual wall that reduces pain. So to go out of my little group and into your world, I'm drawing out potential humbling for me."

In this episode, Liz reads a section of seeJesus's Community Covenant. You can read the covenant here.