J-Curve Community: A Walk into Corinth

J-Curve Community: A Walk into Corinth

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“Babbius’ monument [in Corinth] is telling us a story, and the story, or narrative, is about what is important…. Being seen and honored and known is what life is about here. What Paul counters the Corinthians with is a different narrative.

"For the Apostle Paul, the cross is not just our salvation — it is the narrative of our life."

"Opposing the Babbius narrative is the cross. They could not be more different. The cross is at the bottom of the Failure-Boasting slide. Babbius is going up. He’s made it in life and he’s announcing it. Paul is coming in and telling the story of a poor Jewish peasant who was rejected by his own people and crucified at the cross. But it is in that weakness that the power of God lies."

Note: The image you see on the "Resources" page for this episode is the ruins of Babbius' monument, still visible today in Corinth.