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Creating a Prayer Card

    • Tap the “+” in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
    • Enter the person’s name and select “Daily,” “Weekly,” or “Monthly” to categorize the card. 
    • Optionally, you may enter the person’s phone number and/or email to send “I prayed for you” notes. 

Adding Requests to a Prayer Card

    • Tap the green “+” to add a request. (Tip: Your request will automatically be dated with the current date, but you can tap the date to adjust.)
    • Simply type in your request and tap “Done” to save.  

Adding Scriptures

  • Tap the green “+” at left to open the Scripture Reference Library and select a Scripture in one of the following ways:

    Topical: Scriptures in the library are organized alphabetically by topic, starting with “Blessing.” Use the section index at right to browse topics quickly, or simply scroll downward to move at your own pace. (Tip: When using the section index, place your finger on the first item (“Ble”) and slide it downward to browse.)

    Search: Use the search bar at the top of the library to explore all content within the library—including scripture texts and keywords. (Tip: For ease of searching, please note that the library uses the ESV translation of the Bible.) 

    Custom: To add a verse not listed in the library, click the + in the top right-hand corne. Identify the scripture verse or passage. Use the selector to choose the book, chapter, and verse. (Tip: Enter a single verse in this way: Genesis 50:20-Genesis 50:20.) Open your Bible app of choice and copy the text of the verse or passage. Then paste it into your app. Tap “Done” to return to your prayer card. 


To remove a card from the stack after you have prayed through it, simply swipe up. (The best way to swipe is to place your finger between the “text” and “email” icons at the bottom of the screen and slide upward without lifting your finger from the screen.) 


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