J-Curve Virtual Appendix

A note from Paul Miller:

I ran out of room for everything I wanted to include in the J-Curve book, so additional resources are in this virtual appendix. Each item below includes either a hyperlink to a document or a direct link to a helpful website.
  1. “Luther: The Last Medieval Protestant”
  2. Bibliography
  3. Scripture References to Dying and Rising in 1 and 2 Corinthians
  4. Overview Chart of Paul’s Suffering 
  5. Gospel Summaries in Luke and Acts
  6. Photos of Corinth: Babbius, Agora: See recent photos of the material remains of ancient Corinth here. The first picture includes a photo of an inscription to Babbius.
  7. Spirit and Spiritual Texts in Paul
  8. Reflections on The New Perspective
  9. Usage of “Spiritual” in the Apostle Paul’s Writings (See #7 above)
  10. Scripture References for Parallels between Paul and Jesus’s Passion: Quoted by Michael Barber at The Sacred Page blog, taken from Charles Talbert, Literary Patterns, Theological Themes (1974).  


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