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Jill Miller


Adaptive Curriculum Writer Jill Miller has a passion to expand the horizons of individuals with disabilities. After her daughter Kim was born with multiple disabilities, Jill employed her training as an educator—including a BA in Elementary and Special Education and a Master’s equivalency as a Reading Specialist—to design teaching tools to effectively convey the gospel message to Kim and her friends. From her labor of love, an entire series of Bethesda interactive Bible studies were born and, most recently, a family devotional—Finding Jesus on Upside Down Days—was released. 

Through the years, Jill has started two businesses aimed at employing individuals affected by disability. At a fundamental level, Jill believes that individuals with disabilities can thrive, learn God's Word, and know his amazing love for them. Jill is a mother of six, wife of Paul Miller, grandmother of many, and lives with Kim and Paul (not to mention two dogs, two sweet donkeys, and a few goats) on farm property in rural Pennsylvania.

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