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Over the course of nearly 20 years of pastoral ministry, church planting pastor Jon has been on a mission to experience and express the Father’s heart. When he read A Praying Life in 2009 and then hosted his first seeJesus training, he knew he’d discovered an invaluable tool. "SeeJesus changed everything about the way we do ministry!" he explains.

Now seeJesus’ Regional Director for the West Coast and East Asia, Jon has led countless seminars—in places near and far. Watching people discover the depth of God’s love for them and seeing them fall deeper in love with Jesus keeps Jon teaching, preaching, traveling, and praying through it all. 

Jon admits to an obsession with coffee, which has led him to amass a considerable collection of coffee mugs from around the world. His wife, Sonia, has recently capped his collection (although he occasionally manages to sneak in a new one). Jon and Sonia have four kids and one son-in-law and live in San Bernadino County, CA. 

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