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by Paul E. Miller

J-Curve Audiobook

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Inconveniences, disappointments, and trials often leave us confused, cynical, even bitter. The apostle Paul traces a pattern of dying and rising with Jesus which, like the letter “J”, goes down into death and then up into resurrection. Continually reenacting Jesus’ life—the J-Curve®—drains the energy from our cynicism as it resets our expectations for the normal Christian life. The J-Curve is so encouraging, so liberating, that once you see it, you can’t unsee it! You’ll find yourself joyfully dying and rising with Jesus in everyday life.

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    J-Curve Audiobook J-Curve Audiobook

    What Others are Saying

    ‘Take up your cross and follow me.’ What was Jesus asking us to do—or be? How does it play out in everyday life? These questions are intensely practical from the moment I wake up in the morning. And that’s why I love Paul Miller’s new book. Never have I read a more practical work on how a Christian can flourish through deep affliction. This book will revolutionize the way you look at your sufferings and your relationship to Christ. If you’re craving a life with your Savior that utterly transforms, this book is your best hands-on guide.

    Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder, Joni and Friends

    Paul Miller has carefully observed Jesus. He has carefully observed how the work of grace unfolds in the apostle Paul’s life and in his own life. Take time with this book. You will become a deeper, wiser, truer person. You will become more humble, more joyous, more purposeful. And you will walk more steadily in the light.

    David Powlison, Executive Director, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation

    Paul Miller’s earlier book on prayer, A Praying Life, had a profound impact on how I understood prayer and reshaped how I taught it. To date I consider it the most important book written in our generation on the subject! I am delighted to see him turn his attention to another misunderstood and forgotten subject—the power of new life that comes from reckoning ourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ. Paul has a way of taking profound truths and making them accessible, and in this book you’ll see why—because he lives them. This is not a book of theological posturing, it is simply a guide written by someone who has walked the path and wants to show you how you can also.

    J.D. Greear, President, Southern Baptist Convention; author, "Not God Enough"; Pastor, The Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

    A masterly treatment of the Christian life from a biblical perspective. It takes full account of the absorption with self, the preoccupation with appearance, and the individualism that characterize our age to present a biblical model of living that is both liberating and joy generating. I hope this desperately needed, countercultural approach to life will begin to impact worldwide Christianity more and more.

    Ajith Fernando, Teaching Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka; author, "Discipling in a Multicultural World"