Special Episode: Remembering David Powlison, Celebrating Friendship

Special Episode: Remembering David Powlison, Celebrating Friendship

In this episode, Paul shares some reflections on friendship, on occasion of the death of his good friend David Powlison on June 7, 2019:

“When I was 38, I realized that I didn’t have a lot of male friendships. I had a lot of what C.S. Lewis calls companions, guys I loved to be with, guys I would laugh with, but I didn’t have any guy friends where we really loved one another and could open up to one another.”

"C.S. Lewis calls friendship the most unnatural of loves."

“The first time that David riveted me was on a Sunday morning. I was passing him in the hallway, and he was talking with a woman. I didn’t hear a word he said, but I was moved by how he was talking with her. He was attentive. He was leaning in. He was fully present with her…”

In addition to this podcast, Paul wrote an article on his friendship with David Powlison for The Gospel Coalition. You can find the article here on our website. You'll also hear Paul reference the recent death of his daughter Ashley, which you can read about here. Lastly, throughout the podcast, an additional "conversation partner" is the chapter on friendship in C.S. Lewis's book The Four Loves.

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Special thanks to Ian Nagata for use of his original music and to Jon Hori and Liz Voboril for adding their perspectives to this conversation.